Watch Ichabod Crane Resurrected For TV In Trailer For Sleepy Hollow


Fox has added Sleepy Hollow to their 2013-2014 season, and there’s a brand new promo spot to give us a look at what to expect.

This version of Sleepy Hollow will update the tale of Ichabod Crane, dragging him into the 21st century. Expanding on the original story, the show will follow on from Irving Washington’s tale of soldier Crane as he battles against the fearful Headless Horseman. Two centuries pass and Crane is resurrected and must continue his fight against his age-old nemesis. This time around he teams up with a cop to put a stop to the Horseman’s latest spate of beheadings.

Clocking it at 4 minutes, the trailer has a lot of spoilers from the start. It sprinkles in a handful of fish-out-of-water jokes aided by Crane’s time travel. An exchange between Crane and assigned cop (played by Nicole Beharie) poke fun at Starbucks. Another quip references Captain America. Heck, this time around the HH does one better than Christopher Walken’s horseman from the 1999 version, who filed his teeth into points. This guy picks up some heavy artillery to blow away a barrage of cops. Eat your heart out, T-800.

The series was created by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Len Wiseman and Phillip Iscove. Under the direction of Underworld lensman (ahem), Len Wiseman, the pilot for Sleepy Hollow was shot based on a script by Orci and Kurtzman. Recognise those names? Of course you do! They’re who studios call when a franchise is in desperate need of a shot of adrenaline to its heart! The duo are behind Transformers, Star Trek Into Darkness and TV’s Fringe.

Sleepy Hollow will debut this autumn on Fox.

Source: Screen Rant