Iconic Doctor Who Star Spotted Near Season 13 Set

Doctor Who

Doctor Who just brought back one iconic companion from the show’s past in its recent New Year’s special, and now rumors are swirling that another beloved character could return in season 13. Production on the latest run of the sci-fi series is underway in the UK, with the latest block of filming taking the cast and crew to Liverpool. And it just so happens that a former occupant of the TARDIS has been spotted in the city as well.

As per the Daily Mail, local onlookers are claiming that Catherine Tate is likewise in Liverpool right now, which has obviously got fans thinking that Donna Noble might be making a return to the Whoniverse. Tate played Donna opposite David Tennant from Christmas 2006 to his final episode on New Year’s Day 2010. Despite reprising her role in various audio drama since then, though, she’s yet to reappear on the TV show, even in the 50th anniversary special.

But we might want to hold our horses with this rumor and not get too excited that Donna could be coming back. The Daily Mail goes on to note that it’s believed that Tate is in Liverpool because she’s just coincidentally shooting her own project – a new comedy series – in the same location as Doctor Who. She’s been seen hanging out with new Who cast member John Bishop, but it’s said that this is simply because the two are old friends.

Bishop was announced to have boarded the series in a special teaser shown at the end of the New Year’s episode “Revolution of the Daleks,” which saw the return of John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness. He’ll be joining the TARDIS crew as Dan, following both Bradley Walsh’s Graham and Tosin Cole’s Ryan deciding to end their adventures in “Revolution,” and will be appearing alongside Mandip Gill as Yaz and Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, who might be calling it quits after this run.

If we’re lucky, the eight-episode thirteenth season of Doctor Who could be with us later this year. Watch this space for more.