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New Photos From HBO’s The Last Of Us Show Off The Ruined World

Photos from The Last Of Us shoot in Canada show off an abandoned post-apocalyptic world that looks right out of the games.

The Last oF Us

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is one of the most critically acclaimed video game franchises of all time. The two-part post-apocalyptic adventure received countless game of the year awards, plays like a dream, and inspired millions of words of online debate. HBO is hoping to tap into that with its TV adaptation, which is currently filming in Canada.

This will be among the biggest shows HBO has ever produced, with the producers confirming that the budget for each episode is at least eight figures. Industry insiders predict the cost could end up somewhere in the ballpark of $200-300 million and, judging by these pictures from the set, it appears that money is being spent well.

A highlight of The Last of Us is the amazing environmental design, with the games taking us through a world that’s been largely abandoned to nature. Set decades after the first outbreak, the survivors have retreated into heavily policed gated communities and the world is left to become a ruin – though in a certain light it’s often strangely beautiful.

The sets look great, so I’m praying Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey nail Joel and Ellie. Chernobyl‘s Craig Mazin is the lead creative force on the show: executive producing, developing and writing the series. He’s joined by the games’ lead director Neil Druckmann, whose forthright and uncompromising storytelling made The Last of Us stand out amidst a sea of other zombie apocalypse media.

The shoot began in July and won’t end until next June, meaning The Last of Us will arrive at the earliest in late 2022. Let’s hope we get some official images or a teaser sooner rather than later.

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