AMC Drops First Photos From The Walking Dead Season 10’s (Kind Of) Finale

Daryl Walking Dead

This past weekend’s episode of The Walking Dead season 10, “Look at the Flowers,” wrapped up with a promise that things are about to heat up. Beta has come to terms with the death of his fearless leader Alpha and, with her skin now part of his mask, has led a Whisperer army to lay siege to Alexandria. In this Sunday’s episode, “The Tower,” the war between the survivors and the walker mask-wearing weirdos will reach its final battle and you can get a fresh look at the episode in the form of some new preview images found in the gallery below.

Remember, Alexandria is abandoned with our heroes keeping safe in a hideout elsewhere. These pics reveal that young Judith will reunite with Negan here. Speaking of which, the former Savior will also have a tough talk with Lydia about what happened to her evil mother. Judith will also go on a mission with her uncle Daryl, but they’d better watch out for Whisperers in the woods.

Meanwhile, Eugene, Ezekiel and Yumiko continue their journey to rendezvous with Eugene’s radio pal in Charleston, West Virginia. When we last saw them, they’d encountered Princess, the last soul left alive in Pittsburgh, and it looks like she’ll accompany them on the rest of their hike. You can catch the opening minutes of the episode in the video above, which sees the quirky character introducing herself to the group.

Remember, this is essentially the season finale. Though it’s the 15th installment and should be the penultimate week of the season, the actual finale has been indefinitely delayed due to post-production being unable to be completed right now. Episode 16, “A Certain Doom,” will air eventually later this year, but for now, “The Tower” will act as a concluding chapter for The Walking Dead season 10.