Guardians Director James Gunn Believes Marvel’s Inhumans Is Beyond Saving


Inhumans may not be cancelled yet, but even James Gunn believes Marvel and ABC’s family drama is beyond saving.

The Guardians of the Galaxy director recently hosted one of his regular Facebook Q&As, fielding questions about Vol. 3, Marvel’s current slate, and everything in between. When asked about the chances of him swooping in to “save” Inhumans, though, Gunn joked that, “it does not look like there is much saving left for the Inhumans.” Ouch.

There are, of course, certain logistics that prevent James Gunn from simply waltzing onto the set of Marvel and ABC’s eight-part series. For starters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its TV counterpart have been placed on two separate tracks, meaning that aside from some subtle nods here and there, shows like The Defenders and Inhumans have been hatched under Marvel’s TV arm and are therefore out of Gunn’s sphere of influence. That’s something the director noted, too, admitting that ABC’s widely derided drama is simply out of his reach.

One way or another, James Gunn’s comment certainly appears to be a slight dig at Marvel’s latest TV property; the only solace here is that the Guardians filmmaker didn’t erupt in a fit of laughter like the crowd at San Diego Comic-Con. Yes, it almost goes without saying that Inhumans has faced a tough road to release, and those initial reactions to the show’s much-hyped IMAX launch only dialed up the pressure even more.

It’s not cancelled – not yet, at least – but Gunn believes the writing is on the wall for Marvel’s Royal Family. When the time comes for ABC to determine the fate of Inhumans, do you think the network will pull the plug? Or issue the green light and hope to mount a redemption story for season 2? You can drop your thoughts below.

All eight episodes of Inhumans will screen via ABC from September 29th.

Source: Facebook