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The First Inhumans Review Has Landed, And It’s Not Looking Good For Marvel’s Royal Family

SpoilerTV has gone ahead and published its review of the Inhumans pilot, and it's not looking good for Marvel's Royal Family.

Not even Lockjaw can save Inhumans from the pits of mediocrity.

At least, that’s according to the folks over at SpoilerTV (via CBM), who recently began rolling out their bite-sized reviews for some of the biggest shows lining the fall slate. From LA to Vegas to the Justin Lin-produced S.W.A.T., it certainly makes for interesting reading – providing you haven’t been longing for the day when Marvel’s Royal Family graces the small screen, that is.

Upon viewing the Inhumans pilot, the outlet deemed Marvel’s latest effort to be “absolutely terrible” and riddled with “atrocious” dialogue and shoddy special effects. It doesn’t end there, either, as SpoilerTV’s critique also lambasted the show’s fight sequences and general storytelling, claiming that even after the divisive Iron Fist, Inhumans drags Marvel’s TV output to a new low.

Now, before we delve into the snippet itself, it’s worth stressing that this is merely an early review of Marvel’s eight-part series, and is therefore not indicative of the critical consensus – just because a show fails to resonate with one viewer doesn’t mean it won’t be able to strike a chord with another. Whether this is a sign of things to come or merely an exception to the rule remains to be seen, but until this story unfolds, you can chime in with your own thoughts via the comments.

Because let’s face it, SpoilerTV’s verdict is bound to ruffle a few feathers – at least until more reviews emerge and critics can begin to form a consensus on Marvel and ABC’s regal drama.

Simply awful. I’m so disappointed since I generally love everything Marvel does. But this is absolutely terrible. The dialogue is atrocious. The fight sequences are shockingly choreographed. The sets (or more-so the obvious green-screen) aren’t that crash hot either. It’s only saving grace is Lockjaw who is adorable. As one of the few people that actually liked Iron Fist, I can easily say that this is Scott Buck’s worst work yet.

Beginning September 1st, Inhumans will premiere via select IMAX theaters, before the Marvel drama uproots for ABC on Friday, September 29th. It’ll stretch for eight episodes in total, with the first two being directed by Roel Reiné. Scott Buck (Iron Fist), meanwhile, serves as executive producer.

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