‘Insecure’ creators and stars celebrate series finale alongside fans


With a beloved HBO series coming to an end, many fans of the comedy Insecure aren’t quite ready to say goodbye just yet. That goes for some of the show’s creators and stars as well.

The series, which stars and was co-created by Issa Rae, follows the awkward day-to-day experiences of a contemporary African American woman as she navigates everything from relationships to career moves. The final episode of the series, its fifth season finale, aired Sunday night on HBO.

Showrunner Prentice Penny took to Twitter to express how proud he his of making sure that he and Issa drove the message home that the show’s main character has learned to be a little more, well, secure with her insecurities.

And Issa herself did not hesitate to thank the world and her coworkers for all the love she’s gotten from the show in five years.

Actor Jay Ellis even took to the social media platform to explain his character Lawrence’s true love “was always her,” as in Issa.

And Yvonne Orji, who plays Molly on the show, took some time out to celebrate the fact that her and Courtney Taylor’s Sequoia have finally patched things up at the series’ conclusion.

Writer, series regular, and supervising producer Natasha Rothwell — who plays Kelli Prenny on the show — even took time out of her day to join in on the watch party, despite being a completely different time zone.

Actor Tristen Winger, who plays Thug Yoda, even called the series wrap “historic.”

In case you missed the cultural moment when it was happening, you can catch all five seasons of Insecure on HBO Max right now.