Interview With Russell Hornsby On Grimm


We Got This Covered: Fans of the show love to speculate as to how your character would react were he to find out that Nick has been lying to him. What do you think?  

Russell Hornsby: People lie every day. People lie out of necessity and some people lie to spare other people’s feelings. ‘You should have just told me the truth I’m your partner.’ That’s bull****. If I were a Grimm and I’m fighting these creatures, I wouldn’t tell anybody. (laughs) You’re wife could say ‘you should have told me’. Bull**** I should have told you. (laughs) Why? Some things you just don’t need to know. People lie. I’m not saying it’s good but I’m saying it happens.

We Got This Covered: If it came down to it do you think Hank would understand?

Russell Hornsby: Do I think Hank would understand? Yes, but do the writers think that Hank would understand? That’s something different. I’d say, ‘You know what man? Thanks. Thanks for telling me now.’ (laughs)

We Got This Covered: If Hank and Nick had a throw-down on the show who would win?

Russell Hornsby: They say he’s a Grimm so he can beat up all kinds of Wesen, but I don’t know if he can beat up all kinds of Brother. (laughs) No, I don’t know. We would just be two badasses throwing down. If it got to that point who knows?

We Got This Covered: There are different types of creatures on the show. There are some that are powerful and feral, but others are more cunning and sinister. Which of them would you rather be?  

Russell Hornsby: I’d rather be badass! (laughs) Like a Blutbad or something like that. They’re just that much cooler and I’d want to be a formidable foe for somebody. As it pertains to the world itself; only the strong survive.

We Got This Covered: Are there any other projects coming your way?

Russell Hornsby: We work nine months out of the year so that window is very small. I think right now I’m married to Grimm and to the production…As we get closer to April I’ll see what my time is like and see if I have time. My hope is that with the show people will re-examine my work, both my past work and the present work, and really come around with more character-driven material. If we get a third, or fourth, season maybe producing more closely with the writers and the directors.

That concludes our interview but we’d like to thank Russell very much for talking with us. Be sure to check out Grimm which airs Monday nights on NBC.

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