Interview With Lana Parrilla On Once Upon A Time

Lana Parrilla plays the Evil Queen in ABC’s Once Upon A Timewhich debuted last year and is about fairy tale characters who have been cursed to live in the real world in the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine. It features many popular characters from different stories such as Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, The Mad Hatter, Rumplestiltskin, Prince Charming and Snow White.

The show returns for Season 2 on Sunday where everything has changed thanks to the return of magic in the real-world.

Having enjoyed massive success with Season 1, Parrilla was super-nice as she recently spoke with us on what new shockers and revelations we can expect from the upcoming season, while also answering a few fan questions.

Check it out below.

We Got This Covered: To start off, at the end of the [Season 1] finale we saw that magic was back. So what can you tell us about that, what does that mean for all the characters involved? Do we still get flashbacks into the fairy tale world or is it integrated into the real world? How does it work now?

Lana Parrilla: We are still going into Fairy Tale Land and having flashbacks but it is a different Storybrooke. Magic is back but magic is back differently, it’s not like we’re used to seeing in Fairy Tale Land. Magic in Storybrooke does not work the same as magic in Fairy Tale Land does and I think everyone probably wasn’t anticipating that. So I think it’ll take a little adjusting to.

There’s a lot going on in the second season. Some new characters introduced, some new stories through some old stories…going back and telling more and revealing more. So it’s gonna be a very interesting second season. Something really big happens in the first episode that I unfortunately cannot tell you. But it is something you are not expecting and you will be totally blown away.

WGTC: I can’t wait! So how fun is it to do more magic in the real world now? I saw the promo and I think you were saying some sort of spell and unleashing some magic, and I thought that was pretty badass.

Lana Parrilla: [Laughs] It’s kind of a bit strange and takes a little adjusting to. I know this sounds crazy because we use magic all the time right? I’m so used to playing with this magic obviously in Fairy Tale Land as the Evil Queen in a costume, that definitely supports the performance. But this in Storybrooke, it feels a bit odd using magic as the Mayor Regina. [Laughs] It’s just kind of strange, but it’s fun. It’s a lot of fun. Like I said it doesn’t work the same but yeah, I can’t cast spells as easily as I did in Fairy Tale Land.

WGTC: We saw a teaser for Captain Hook in the teaser trailer at Comic-Con and in the promo video that was released [two weeks ago], so what can you tell us about him, and how big of a threat is he? I mean, I feel like he’s being teased as the other big bad next to your character and Rumpelstiltskin.

Lana Parrilla: Yeah I mean he is bit of a challenge for some of the characters. I have not worked with him. Our story isn’t linked as of yet. But he’s a mysterious man, a mystery character, very much linked to Rumpelstiltskin’s story line.

WGTC: I feel like everyone wants to know–even though he wasn’t a major character last season–lots of people have interesting theories about who Dr. Whale is, and I feel like we might get more of him this season. So what can you tell us about his role in Season 2?

Lana Parrilla: His fairy tale identity will be revealed this season.

WGTC: That’s awesome. That would finally put a lot of those theories to rest.

Lana Parrilla: [Laughs] I know! He’s one that you cannot at all guess.

WGTC: Really? I feel like the obvious one that everyone is saying is that he’s the whale from Pinocchio’s story I believe.

Lana Parrilla: Yeah, no…I don’t know, maybe! Keep guessing is all I have to say. [Laughs] It’s gonna be amazing when you see the reveal I’m so excited.

WGTC: I’m glad he’s a surprise.

Lana Parrilla: Yeah he’s such a good character!

WGTC: At the end of the finale last season, Regina told Henry that she truly loved him. So do we get to focus on that more this season and how does that affect her decisions? Is that explored more?

Lana Parrilla: Yes, this relationship to Regina is probably the most important relationship in her life currently, and probably forever, he’s her son. So she really wants her son back and she lost him. So a good portion of this second season is her trying to get him back and making up for what she’s done to not just Henry but to everyone in the town.

Like you said, basically Regina let everyone in the town think Henry was crazy and that he’s a liar. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, it’s like well, what sort of mother would allow that to happen? What mother would let people think her son is crazy? It’s a horrible thing for a child to experience. She needs to redeem herself, that’s pretty much where she is right now.

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