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WGTC: You mentioned Sebastian Stan so I take it we get to see more of him this season then? He was one of my favorites last year.

Lana Parrilla: You will, you’ll see the Mad Hatter. There’s so many storylines that have yet to…there are a lot of open ends. You know, one is Pinocchio’s story, the way you saw him in the season finale he’s now a wooden doll, so that story needs to be [addressed]. And we’re gonna see more of the Mad Hatter. But I think we don’t want to give everything away too soon, it’ll happen over a period of time.

WGTC: That’s true. What can you tell us about the other new characters? I know there’s Sleeping Beauty and Lancelot? And the giant I believe played by Jorge Garcia?

Lana Parrilla: Yeah. Well, Jorge’s story is connected to Emma Swan and that’ll be interesting. The Aurora/Mulan story is mostly connected to Snow White. I can’t really tell you much because something happens and it’s making every one of these interviews difficult because I can’t really say how we meet them and…

WGTC: But you know, I love the tease [Laughs] I’d rather be surprised about it.

Lana Parrilla: Okay good, you will be surprised I swear.

WGTC: I can’t wait. How was Comic-Con this year, did you get to see any Evil Queen cosplayers?

Lana Parrilla: I did! I saw a couple of evil queen costumes as well as some Snow White costumes. It was awesome!

WGTC: Any crazy fan encounters?

Lana Parrilla: No but it was my birthday this year at Comic-Con. They sang me Happy Birthday which I thought was really cool. I never had so many people sing Happy Birthday to me in my life [laughs] That was special.

WGTC: I can only imagine. What do you geek about at Comic-Con? What is your favorite TV to watch or you know, things that you’re interested in?

Lana Parrilla: Lost was one of my huge favorites. I know Lost was always big at Comic-Con. But this year, the shows that I watch are mostly well Once Upon A Time, Revenge, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones…everyone keeps talking about Downton Abbey and I need to check that out. There’s a lot of shows that I have not seen. And part of that is just, you know, when you’re working so much, it’s hard to [watch them].

WGTC: Yeah, I understand. I know you have a Twitter but, are you aware of your Tumblr fan following?

Lana Parrilla: No. I mean I know that there’s a Tumblr but–

WGTC: There’s a lot of blogs dedicated to you and your character, lots of stuff there. [Laughs]

Lana Parrilla: Oh wow! I have to check that out. I’ve seen some stuff here and there but I didn’t realize that–I don’t really know how Tumblr works. I know that’s kind of naïve of me to say but—

WGTC: I mean, I’m fairly new to it, but before the interview, I asked Tumblr what they would like me to ask you, and it wasn’t even ten minutes [before] I got a whole bunch of questions. So that’s how many fans you have on there.

Lana Parrilla: Oh wow, what were some of the questions?

WGTC: Lots of people wanted to know if you knew about Swan Queen? Are you aware of that?

Lana Parrilla: Yeah. I’ve been asked that question quite a bit.

WGTC: Really? I hadn’t known about it until [recently] but I thought it was really interesting.

Lana Parrilla: Yeah! I think it’s a fantasy that some of my fans have of Emma and Regina having a deeper connection on a romantic level.

WGTC: Maybe it’s cause I’m a guy but I just thought that was weird [as to how it originated] but interesting at the same time. I never saw the [romantic] chemistry there.

Lana Parrilla: Yeah, I’m not quite sure what direction the producers are heading in when it comes to the Emma and Regina relationship—

WGTC: Yeah I highly doubt it’s going to go that way but I think it’s a fun fantasy.

Lana Parrilla: Yeah I think it’s a fantasy of some of the fans of the show and you know, Regina and Emma um, but I’m not quite sure where the producers are headed. I think that THAT relationship on a romantic level is probably NOT going to happen?

WGTC: Well they still have their fan fiction I think. I think they’ll be happy as long as you share more scenes together.

Lana Parrilla: Yeah. [Laughs] It’s so true. [I’ve] got so many interesting things from some comments and pictures of me and [Emma].

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