Interview With The Vampire Series To Start Shooting This December

Interview with the Vampire has taken on iconic status since being published in 1976, with Anne Rice’s creation spanning decades of books, as well as adaptations of varying quality. AMC announced last year that they’d be bringing the property to the screen, and it’s now been confirmed, via MovieWeb, that filming on the show will launch this December in New Orleans, one of the key settings for the story.

There have been several attempts to revive The Vampire Chronicles franchise since the 1990s film versions, with a reboot on the cards in 2016, followed by a project at Hulu that didn’t come to anything. Rice then regained the rights to the books, before AMC secured a deal for eighteen novels, including the Lives of the Mayfair Witches spinoff. Alan Taylor is executive producing and directing the first two instalments of Interview with the Vampire.

In terms of what to expect, there will be eight initial episodes, although the network will likely be hoping that they can stretch out the saga for multiple seasons and additional series, considering the deep fandom and the wealth of material that Rice’s work offers for creating epic plotlines. Rolin Jones, who recently helped shepherded the reimagined Perry Mason at HBO, is on showrunner duties, while Sam Reid has been cast as Lestat.

We’re currently expecting to see Interview with the Vampire arrive on AMC and AMC Plus sometime in 2022, and if all goes well, there’ll be a whole universe of characters and mythologies to enjoy. Given that The Walking Dead is winding down, executives will be betting that the name-value of Vampire, which was cemented by the 1994 movie and the later Queen of the Damned, will be enough to make this one a hit.