Interview With The Vampire Show Casts Bailey Bass As Claudia

Based on Anne Rice’s 1976 novel of the same name, Interview With The Vampire is a new series that will debut on AMC in 2022. Casting announcements for the series have slowly been coming, and fans have been excited to hear who will play their favorite characters. A few months ago, the leading characters, Louis and Lestat, were announced to be played by Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones) and Sam Reid (The Astronaut Wives Club), respectively.

Yesterday, actress Bailey Bass announced she’d be playing the young vampire Claudia in AMC’s adaptation. Claudia is a child who Lestat turns to keep Louis close, and the three soon turn into a traveling family of their own.

Claudia is an intense character to play, though, as she’s a grown woman trapped in a child’s body, so Bass must have some acting chops on her. After all, the last actress to play Claudia was a young Kirsten Dunst when the film version was released back in 1996.

Bass has had small roles in things such as Law & Order: SVU (2020) and Moon and Sun (2014). However, while she is a newcomer, Bass is also set to star in the next three Avatar films, so she’ll soon be a household name like her predecessor of the Claudia role.

Anne Rice’s series of books has had two movies made, neither of which were exactly home runs. The show has already made some changes to the story and characters, but it seems to be an interesting take on such a popular book series. Then again, while many fans have expressed their concern for all the story changes, most have said they’ll give it a chance.

Rolin Jones, known for his work on Weeds and Boardwalk Empire, will be working as showrunner, writer, and executive producer on the upcoming series. On his team is Alan Taylor, who is both directing the first two episodes and acting as an executive producer.

There’s a lot riding on this latest adaptation, not only for AMC, but for longtime fans of the series. If it doesn’t compare to what they’ve been hoping and waiting all this time for, they won’t hesitate to verbalize any misgivings.

Interview With The Vampire is set to release in 2022. Is it something you’re looking forward to? Are you a long-time fan? If so, how do you feel about this casting news?