An Intriguing New Promo For Marvel And FX’s Legion Asks Some Big Questions


We’re just weeks away now from the debut of Legion on FX, a Marvel series we originally thought would be set in the X-Men Universe but apparently isn’t. Regardless of how it ties into that world, it still looks to be one of 2017’s most exciting new shows and this latest promo further emphasizes that fact.

In Legion, it appears as if mutants are only just beginning to emerge when the story kicks off. That’s why David Haller has spent his life struggling with mental illness when the reality is that he’s an extremely powerful mutant, and the son of Professor X in the comics – though it’s doubtful that will be mentioned here. However, just because he’s a powerful psychic doesn’t mean he’s without some issues, and fans of the source material will know all too well that he’s incredibly dangerous when he unleashes his full potential.

Created by Fargo’s Noah Hawley (which is pretty much reason enough to give it a watch), Legion stars Dan Stevens in the title role and has an impressive ensemble cast made up of Rachel Keller (Fargo), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) and Jean Smart (24). But this is definitely David Haller’s story through and through, and the official logline reads as so:

“David Haller/Legion has been diagnosed as schizophrenic for the voices and more he hears and sees – emphasis on the powerful more BTW. Set in an alternative universe from the Marvel franchise, Steven’s character has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years but an encounter with a new fellow patient reveals the diagnosis might have come up a bit short of the reality and power of Legion.”

It certainly sounds promising, and if nothing else, the latest addition to the X-Men franchise will no doubt be one of the most eccentric and visually stunning offerings on FX’s slate this year, with a recent batch of promos shedding light on the show’s wild side.

Tell us, are you excited to see Legion debut next month? Sound off with your opinions in the comments section down below.