Iron Fist Season 2 Photos Tease Familiar Heroes And New Villains


Against all the odds, Marvel fans are actually excited for Iron Fist season 2. Thanks to a soft reboot of the character in Luke Cage‘s second season, the hype for the sophomore run of the muddled Netflix series has risen and what we’ve learned about it at San Diego Comic-Con has only added to that. The trailer promised a much sturdier, streetwise affair that hopefully won’t repeat the mistakes of season 1.

Following on from the show’s SDCC panel, some intriguing new stills from the upcoming season have now surfaced online (via DNAIndia), which tease the return of multiple familiar characters as well as the addition of a new villain.

As you can see below, two of the pics feature Danny Rand (Finn Jones) doing what he does best: taking to the streets of New York to fight crime and stop the bad guys. One, in particular, actually sees him finally wearing a mask while out on the job. The yellow bandana around his face could be a nod to his classic mask, too, which we know will appear in season 2 in some form.

Other photos tease more from Danny’s allies. One sees the billionaire turned kung fu hero with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), meaning we can expect more of the crime-fighting – and romantic – partners in the new run. Speaking of Colleen, there’ll be more from the Daughters of the Dragon on Iron Fist this year as well, as Misty Knight returns in another still.

Last but not least, Danny’s frenemy from K’un-Lun Davos is up to no good in a couple of the snaps. One sees Sacha Dhawan’s character teaming up with Joy Meachum (Jessica Stroup) as they view a strange box, with newcomer Julee Cerda as Mika Prada. In the other photo, Davos is on the back foot as he’s held at knife-point by Alice Eve’s villain, Typhoid Mary.

Iron Fist blasts onto Netflix on September 7th, and we’re hopeful it’ll be the revamp of the show we’re all after.

Source: DNAIndia

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