Iron Fist To Feature More Villains Than All Other Marvel TV Shows

Iron Fist

It’s fair to say that Marvel pulled no punches during its San Diego Comic-Con panel yesterday evening, wowing fans with all-new teasers for the inaugural season of Luke Cage, the Defenders series and even Iron Fist, which places Game of Thrones star Finn Jones in the title role.

Aligned for a premiere in early 2017 – likely in and around the same window as Jessica Jones season 2 – Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada told IGN that Iron Fist will come packing more villains than any other Marvel series to date. That’s quite the tease, and it looks as though Danny Rand will have his hands full fending off Harold and Ward Meachum among many, many more.

Per IGN:

“The cast is amazing. Another show that will be completely different from Luke, Jessica and Daredevil. That’s really our goal. We’re trying to offer four shows, that live in the same universe but offer fans a completely different look. Martial arts will play a huge part in Iron Fist. I would also say that Iron Fist has more villains, in our first season, than any of our other shows. There’s a lot going on. Scott Buck, the showrunner and his writing team have created a fantastic story for us and have wove in some great legends from Marvel present past. We’re still in production so we’re not quite at the point where we’ll begin promoting it but I think fans are going to dig it.”

Returning to the Big Apple after a self-imposed hiatus, yesterday’s fleeting teaser introduced a world-weary Rand who utilizes his newfound kung fu abilities to tackle the city’s criminal underbelly head on.

Next up for Marvel TV and Netflix is Luke Cage on September 30 – bringing an end to the wait for a bulletproof black man – followed up by season 1 of Iron Fist at some point in 2017.