Finn Jones Will Return As Iron Fist In Other MCU Shows


Marvel and Netflix announced their shocking decision to cancel Iron Fist yesterday, much to the confused reactions of fans of the oft-criticized MCU TV series. The big question we had after that, of course, was is this the last we’ll see of Danny Rand, the immortal Iron Fist (protector of K’un-Lun, sworn enemy of the Hand)?

The answer to that, we now know, is definitely not. In their write-up of Jones’ statement in response to Iron Fist‘s cancellation after two seasons, EW confirmed that they’ve been told there are plans for the actor to continue on as Danny Rand elsewhere in the Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite the fact that his own vehicle has been canned.

That’s all EW said, though, so we’re not sure exactly what Marvel has up their sleeve in regards to the character. There are certainly various options open to them, however, like having him return in a second season of The Defenders  – come on, it’s what we all want – or maybe have him show up in a future season of Daredevilas the two have had crossovers in the comics. The most obvious path to go down, though, would be to finally give us a Heroes for Hire team-up with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage.

Iron Fist season 2 ended on a multi-strand cliffhanger as well, so that’s also something that Marvel has to deal with now. Colleen Wing had been granted the powers of the Iron Fist and had taken over Danny’s old job of protecting the streets of Chinatown. However, in a final stinger, it was revealed that Danny had got his powers back during his adventures in Asia and had now taken to using chi-charged guns.

There was more than enough material there for another season of Iron Fist but sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. Well, unless it’s picked up for Disney’s streaming service, but we wouldn’t hold our breath. At least the character’s lived up to the “immortal” part of his name though and now has more appearances ahead of him.

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