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Is ‘The Peripheral’ safe for kids to watch? Gore, adult content, and more

Can children watch 'The Peripheral?'

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The Peripheral is quickly shaping up to be Amazon Prime’s Video’s latest smash hit series. However, many are wondering if the sci-fi epic is safe for kids to watch or if it’s a series that only adults should enjoy. Here is everything you need to know about the series. 

What is The Peripheral

Based on the 2014 book by William Gibson, The Peripheral follows Flynne. Flynne is a clever and ambitious woman who makes money by grinding levels in VR video games. However, one day she is invited to test a new game, a game that is even more immersive than usual VR. However, Flynne soon must fight to protect herself and those she loves. 

Is The Peripheral suitable for kids? 

According to Amazon Prime Video, The Peripheral is suitable for viewers aged 16 and up. Meaning it is only suitable for older teens and adults. Amazon’s content advisories warn about “Nudity, violence, substance use, alcohol use, smoking, foul language, sexual content.”

The show features a large amount of violence, and most of it is often bloody. From sci-fi combat to more realistic gun fights and fist fights, the show doesn’t shy away from the realities of violence and violent death, which would likely disturb younger viewers. 

While there is some sexual language, there is little explicit sexual content in the show. But, the show uses a load of general profanity, with characters swearing in most scenes, making it unsuitable for those who find such things offensive. 

The show also has a lot of visible substance use, from alcohol to black-market drugs. While the show’s drug use isn’t dramatically explicit, alcohol is a constant sight. Characters often drink excessively and use alcohol in an unhealthy way, which will, once again, be unsuitable for younger viewers. 

However, the main issue with The Peripheral is its main storyline. The show does veer into horror quite often, and even the early episodes feature a good amount of disturbing gore and body horror that many will find uncomfortable. In fact, one early scene will likely test the resolve of hardened horror fans, making this not a good show for those new to the genre or those very sensitive to gore. 

Plus, the general storyline will likely be a little confusing for younger viewers. William Gibson’s books often have a hard sci-fi edge and delight in situations that mess with characters’ perceptions, leaving readers unsure of what is real and what is not. This is something The Peripheral uses a lot in its storyline, and younger viewers will likely find this hard to follow. 

Because of this, Amazon’s decision to say that the show is only suitable for ages 16 and up is correct. The show is unsuitable for children, and even older teens might find the show a little too much. 

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