Jake Paul’s Full Boxing Record

Jake Paul

Over the past two years, controversial YouTube personality Jake Paul has changed lanes in pursuit of a career in boxing. What began as a feud between YouTubers has become a semi-legit run that has seen him face off against star athletes in other sports, including basketball and MMA.

This trend will continue on August 28, when “The Problem Child” faces off against five-time UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in an eight-round professional bout. Despite having more than 10 yeast of combat sports experience, this will be Woodley’s debut in boxing making Paul the veteran in comparison.

Despite only debuting professionally last year, Paul has garnered a few matches under his belt.

Jake Paul’s Complete Boxing Record

17 April, 2021 – Jake Paul def. Ben Askren via TKO (R1)

Paul’s most recent outing to the ring ended quickly with a first-round knockout against former UFC fighter and Olympian Ben Askren. Having an extensive background dominating in multiple MMA organizations and having competed in the Olympics for wrestling didn’t help the grappling phenom in the ring. Paul was able to use his superior boxing skill, power, and size to find a finish early into their eight-round bout.

28 November, 2020 – Jake Paul def. Nate Robinson via KO (R2)

The first athlete to face Paul in the ring, basketball great Nate Robinson didn’t last long against Paul showing little boxing skill and winding up face down on the canvas in the second round. The NBA star was quickly flustered by Paul who avoided his barrage of hooks and clinching antics and was able to pick Robinson apart, eventually finding the finish.

30 January, 2020 – Jake Paul def. Ali Eson Gib via TKO (R1)

In his first professional fight, Paul took on fellow YouTuber Ali Eson Gib who also had a small amateur record heading into the fight. Even with his unique style, Gib showed little boxing skill once tagged by Paul and went down in the very first round of their bout.

Jake Paul’s Amateur Record

25 August, 2018 – Jake Paul def. Deji Olatunji via TKO (R5)

Jake Paul had his very first outing to the ring in an amateur bout against fellow YouTuber Deji Olatunji. Both being fresh to the sport, the fight wasn’t a true showcase of skill, instead, durability, with Paul being able to get Deji out of the ring in the fifth of six rounds.