James Franco Joins Justin Kelly’s King Cobra


Actor-director-producer James Franco is fast becoming one of the most prolific performers currently working in Hollywood. His tendency to operate with a full plate often includes working with the same people on multiple projects, and his latest commitment is no exception. King Cobra is the second feature film from writer-director Justin Kelly – following on from his recent debut I Am Michael, which also starred Franco. Like that film, King Cobra is based on true events – this time, those that surrounded the brutal murder of a gay adult film studio owner in 2007.

The title King Cobra refers to Cobra Video – a gay pornography label founded by the late Bryan Kocis. Kocis was an entrepreneur who, in 2002, pleaded guilty to a charge of child abuse relating to a 15 year old. In 2004, Kocis began to hire a young man with the screen name Brent Corrigan to perform in his video productions, although it was later claimed that Corrigan had been underage for some of the films. The popularity of Corrigan among audiences brought that partnership to the attention of a highly ambitious, rival adult film producer, and in January 2007, Bryan Kocis was brutally murdered with a knife. Two former escorts were later found guilty of the horrific crime.

King Cobra – set to be written and directed by Justin Kelly – will star Christian Slater (Mr. Robot) as Bryan Kocis, while James Franco will play the role of the rival producer. Garrett Clayton (The Fosters) will play the role of Brent Corrigan, while Alicia Silverstone (Suburgatory), Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars), and Molly Ringwald (Jem And The Holograms) also feature in the cast. Filmmaker Justin Kelly indicated that work on the project is already underway, as he expressed his excitement at working with this group of performers.

“James, Christian, Garrett, Keegan, Molly and Alicia have consistently pushed the boundaries of film and culture at large, with iconic performances. It’s been amazing watching them transform into these unique, fascinating characters.”

With production already in full swing, King Cobra should be headed for our screens in late 2016.