James Gunn explains what ‘Peacemaker’ is really about

The Wildest Episode of Peacemaker is Yet to come.
Image via HBO

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Peacemaker’s ending.

It’s hard to believe that eight episodes of Tim Gunn’s Peacemaker have already aired. The DC television series has been a hit with fans and critics alike. Thankfully, just hours before the finale, Gunn and lead actor John Cena announced that HBO Max renewed the series for a second season.

Chatting with Deadline, Gunn broke down the season one finale, and in the process, revealed what the show is about. Here’s what he said: 

I think that the beginning of the season, we see a guy who’s sort of trapped in the prison of his own ideals, and these ideals, as we go through the season, we discover that they are the result of childhood trauma, which is his reaction to that. He tried to escape that trauma and deny the reality of death around us at all times. He’s taken on this ridiculous vow that he believes is the right thing to do, but also, I think he’s using it as a way to try to reconcile the fact that he killed his own brother.

He further added:

And at the end of the show, he is, and through the process of this show, I think he starts to let go of who his father is and who his father turned him into; this own belief that he’s a piece of shit, which his father has superimposed upon him. And through the season, we see this character who has taken on his father’s beliefs about himself. Not necessarily all his father’s beliefs, but his father’s beliefs about him, and we see him start to abandon some of those things and form connections for the first time with some of the other characters, in particular, Adebayo and Harcourt.

The season one finale ended on a high note, and while there have been some character deaths, there’s clearly room for more exploration in the next, and fans will no doubt enjoy the Justice League cameo.