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James Gunn reveals ‘Peacemaker’ cast has the perfect group chat name

James Gunn has revealed that the 'Peacemaker' cast have the perfect group chat name that will make fans smile.

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James Gunn has revealed that the Peacemaker cast has the perfect group chat name that is sure to make fans smile. After his murderous antics in The Suicide Squad, DC fans did not expect John Cena’s Chris Smith to end up becoming a loveable douchebag, but that’s exactly what’s happened in the ongoing HBO Max series. For instance, last week’s episode contained some surprisingly sweet scenes of team bonding.

Smith and John Economos (Steve Agee) finally find common ground in episode five after discovering they’re both fans of obscure Finnish hair metal band Hanoi Rocks, with Economos having one of their songs, “11th Street Kids”, tattooed on his arm. Later, after the black-ops gang successfully defeats a talking gorilla together (don’t ask), everyone is shown headbanging to Hanoi’s music in the back of the van. With the gang officially friends, Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Harcourt) adds them all to a group chat titled “11th Street Kids.”

Brilliantly, Gunn has now confirmed that “11th Street Kids” is also the name of the Peacemaker cast’s group chat in real-life, too. The show’s creator shared a screenshot of the chat, showing that himself, Cena, Holland, Agee, Freddie Stroma, Chukwudi Iwuji, and Danielle Brooks are all on it, on his Instagram. “Our actual group chat name,” he said in the photo’s caption.

Seeing as everyone on the team basically hated each other’s guts in episode one, it was pretty touching when the gang started palling around in episode five, allowing the genuine friendship between the cast to shine through. Of course, the good times didn’t last as the episode ended on an intense cliffhanger, as Adebayo (Brooks) was attacked by Clemson Murn (Iwuji) after discovering that he’s been a butterfly all along.

We’ll find out if the 11th Street Kids are about to lose one of their own when Peacemaker continues this Thursday on HBO Max.

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