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James Gunn teases the “wildest” episode of ‘Peacemaker’ yet

What can we expect next from the miniseries?

The Wildest Episode of Peacemaker is Yet to come.
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Director/writer James Gunn after a tiff with Marvel post-Guardians of the Galaxy 2, made a deal with Warner Brothers to do a soft reboot of Suicide Squad. The resulting film got a lot of praise but didn’t perform especially well at the box office. In fact, despite announcements that Gunn was going to head up an HBO spin-off series about the John Cena character Peacemaker, many thought the poor box office would lead to the project being cancelled. They were wrong, and thank goodness.

John Cena and the ensemble cast of Peacemaker kill it in pretty much every episode, both literally and comedically, and every time it appears they have plateaued with the wildness, things manage to surprise us even more. Which is why it’s not really surprising to see that Gunn recently sent out this tweet…

As always, Gunn is sharing a lot of jokes and behind the scenes stuff from the show on his Twitter. But we can’t help but wonder how much wilder this all can get. Though to be fair, we’ve been wondering that from the moment we saw the glorious opening credits scene for the first time. If you haven’t seen the dance-off opening to the show set to the song “Do Ya Really Want to Taste It” by Norwegian spandexers Wig Wam, stop what you’re doing and watch this right now.

We don’t know much about the Swedish metal band Dynazty that Gunn mentioned, although since they formed in 2007, they’ve had seven albums and an impressive stack of singles released. We assume the track will be The Human Paradox from their 2016 album Titanic Mass since Gunn previously included it on his playlist titled “James Gunn’s Not-In-The-Suicide-Squad Playlist”.

For those who have been watching (and if you’re not caught up with the events of the show, drop out now), one would assume that some big plot bombs are about to drop. Finally, we can expect an answer to the question that poor Chris has been asking ever since the first episode, “What are the butterflies”. In terms of how crazy it’s going to get, with all the great tidbits of DC ephemera that has been referenced, we’d love to see some of it actually happen. Is there time for a flashback episode so we can see what a live-action Bat-Mite is like, who now is canonically part of the DCEU thanks to this show? Or how about this legendary fight?

What we know is, it’s called “Murn After Reading” and the promo for it seems to start right after the ending of episode 5 as the mercenary chases Adebayo after she discovers his secret, but with what intent? Robert Patrick’s “White Dragon” who is also Peacemaker’s father AND weapons supplier, announces his intent to kill his son, and the cops seem to have closed in on Vigilante and Peacemaker at his garishly patriotic trailer.

There’s no telling for sure what exactly to expect, but with Gunn anything is possible. And when Gunn, whose default setting is ‘extreme and weird’ anyway, him saying it’s the wildest episode yet sets our imaginations flowing.

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