James Wan Promises More Horror Elements For Swamp Thing TV Series

Swamp Thing

It may have taken a heck of a long time, but Swamp Thing is finally ready to once again enjoy some attention outside of comic books.

As you may recall, this beloved cult favorite originating from the darker side of DC (and Vertigo) had the spotlight shone on him with two films and two TV series – one live action and one animated – many moons ago, but he’s lived in relative obscurity since. Fortunately, that turned around in recent years with memorable appearances made in animated flicks such as Justice League Dark and Batman and Harley Quinn.

But with today’s sensibilities infused with it, one would naturally expect for the newly gestating series produced by James Wan to mirror the source material more than past offerings. Already, we’ve been told to expect much in the way of mystery and gothic romance, the latter of which may be the best way to describe the Avatar of the Green’s complicated relationship with Abby Arcane.

Of course, this show will have many other facets, including that of horror. While that’s to be expected, especially if they wind up introducing concepts such as the Rot at some point, it’s still nice to have reassurances from Wan himself, who had this to say on Twitter when asked if the horror genre will have significant influence:

“Damn straight. More horror than anything.”

To be frank, having the guy who brought us Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring overseeing this is actually quite beneficial to the project if the other creative minds intend on traveling down that road on a regular basis. Either way, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for when Swamp Thing premieres on the DC Universe streaming service in 2019.