Jared Padalecki Reveals His Favorite Supernatural Episodes


With Supernatural coming to an end next spring, it’s only understandable that we all begin reflecting on our favorite episodes to have aired. Whether you’ve been around since the pilot episode just as I have, or if you caught up via Netflix, TNT or home video in the time since, there have undoubtedly been some tales that resonated with you more than others.

Well, before series co-lead Jared Padalecki moves onto filming that Walker, Texas Ranger reboot, he still has to knock off twenty more adventures as Sam Winchester. And like us, he’s accumulated a few favorites of his own over the previous fourteen years.

While speaking with Collider, Padalecki was asked to single out some episodes of which he was most proud. The first one mentioned by him happened to be the conclusion to what the “SPN Family” dubbed “Season Great,”when Sam was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice:

“Oh, wow! I’m really proud of ‘Sacrifice,’ the Season 8 finale. The scene where I’m trying to do the trials, and I’m with Crowley in the church, and then Dean and Sam have a come-to-God moment about what’s going on, with Sam feeling less than. Jared was dealing with stuff that he wasn’t ready to talk about to the public, but I was able to say it through Sam.”

After that, Jared checked off a few more boxes when revealing the greatest moments shared with his scene partners:

“As far as my scene partners, there are tons of moments that I’m proud of. I feel really proud of the episode, ‘French Mistake’ (Episode 615). I thought it was really funny. The writers, producers and directors basically said to Jensen, Misha [Collins] and me, ‘Hey, we need y’all to make fun of yourselves for 42 minutes,’ and we were all like, ‘Yay! Can’t wait!’ That was fun, to take the piss out of ourselves.

“’Changing Channels’ (Episode 508) made me laugh, endlessly. Ackles was absolutely hilarious in ‘Yellow Fever’ (Episode 406). I forget the episode, but the scenes when Dean had to talk about torturing people, I could see Jensen, as a friend, going to a place, and then having to get up and walk away. Usually, we cut and start again, but he’d have to go for a walk for 10 or 15 minutes to wash it off. There have just been so many moments, and I think that’s been what helps keep the show going.”

Actually, I’m glad to see he mentioned a few of my favorites right there, those being “Changing Channels” and “The French Mistake.” But if I had to share a few other episodes I really dug, I’d have to give props to “Tall Tales,” “Swan Song,” and “Scoobynatural.” And since it’s very underrated, “Playthings” deserves an honorable mention because it was a cool standalone haunted house story.

Supernatural returns for its fifteenth and final season tonight on The CW. But in the meantime, feel free to let us know some of your favorite episodes in the comments section below.

Source: Collider