DC Reveals First Look At Jason Todd’s Red Hood In Titans Season 3

Red hood titans

Titans kicked off production on its third season earlier this month, and already we’ve got our first look at a major upgrade for one of the teen heroes. This Monday, the series’ official Twitter account shared the full reveal of Jason Todd actor Curran Walters in costume as Red Hood. They also supplied a piece of concept art depicting the antihero, which teases him in gun-toting action.

“Welcome to the Hood. Jason Todd returns as the Red Hood in season 3 of Titans,” the post’s caption read. “Seasons 1 and 2 stream November 1st on [HBO Max] (US).”

As you can see below, the show’s take on Red Hood is very faithful to the comic book character. The red metallic mask with white eyes is present and correct, as is his hood and brown jacket. Underneath, meanwhile, he’s wearing dark combat gear, with the Red Hood logo on it, with loaded firearm holsters on his thighs. Titans has had a bit of a mixed reception when it comes to superhero costumes in the past, but the early reaction to this one seems very positive.

We first learned that Todd would graduate into his Red Hood alter ego at DC FanDome back in August. This change follows on from fellow former Robin Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing in season 2. In the comics, Jason was killed by the Joker but was eventually resurrected years later, taking on the new identity of Red Hood in an effort to distance himself from Batman as he had a newfound more militant view of crime fighting.

Of course, Titans teased that Jason was going to die in season 2 – even holding a public vote to determine his fate, recalling the infamous comic book one that killed him off – but he ended up making it out. Still, he’s about to take on the darker mantle of Red Hood all the same in season 3 of the show.

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