‘Bobs Burgers’ star banned from the show over alleged Capitol riots participation

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The 2021 attack on the United States Capitol dragged in figures from a broad swathe of life in the United States, with a Bob’s Burgers voice actor one of the latest to face consequences for alleged participation in the incident.

According to a report from The Daily Beast, actor Jay Johnston has been banned from the animated sitcom on Fox. Johnston, who also appeared in movies like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, voiced Jimmy Pesto Sr. on the program, although he has not been arrested or charged with a crime.

He, Fox and show staff have also never publicly confirmed it was his face on a wanted poster distributed by the FBI after the incident. However, web sleuths from the group Sedition Hunters have a post with his name on it from February, but nothing has been publicly confirmed as of filing this story.

The article goes on to note Fox and Disney declined to comment, and an actress named Cassandra Church who previously worked with Johnston claimed he told her he was there, via a tweet posted near the start of March.

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What do you think about this Bob’s Burgers news and the alleged actions of Johnston? Was this the right decision or would you have preferred for action to be taken after a public confirmation? Let us know in the comments below.