Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Excited To Use The F-Word On The Walking Dead


In terms of gore and violence, The Walking Dead has to be one of the most taboo-breaking shows on television. However, when it comes to dialogue, there was one barrier it never crossed over the past seven seasons: the use of the F-word. Due to a recent loosening of policy at AMC, though, the zombie series is now allowed to cross this line as well.

Naturally, one member of the cast who’s ecstatic about the chance to inject some more spice into his already flavoursome dialogue is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays foul-mouthed villain Negan. While attending this weekend’s New York Comic-Con, the star revealed how excited he was to, making sure to use the previously forbidden word as much as possible in the process:

“F*ck yes! F*ckin’ f*ck! It’s a year f*ckin’ late! That’s was all I got on that. I’m real excited. I think we should’ve had that rule.”

Of course, an utterance like that would not be allowed in the show itself. While AMC is letting the series introduce the F-word into its vocabulary, it’s still insisting that it can only be used twice per season. Morgan went onto explain how this has caused The Walking Dead‘s cast to compete over who gets to claim the highly coveted curse word.

“You only get two in a year so we’re gonna be fighting for them.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the writers dispense the two F-words over season 8 and which characters end up saying them. Negan is by far the obvious choice to use both of them up, but would that be a waste? With this new rule, the show has the opportunity to create two shocking moments. Imagine if someone a lot more composed or clean cut than Negan was to drop the F-bomb out of nowhere? It could either be hilarious or hugely dramatic.

Still, seeing how overjoyed Morgan is to finally get to use the word on the show, it would be a bit mean spirited to give him neither of the opportunities. We’ll have to see whether his wish is granted when the new season of The Walking Dead premieres on Sunday, October 22nd.