Jeremy Renner Suited Up As Hawkeye Again For Halloween


Here’s one underappreciated perk of being a Marvel superhero: you’ve already got a Halloween costume that’s ready to go. This October 31, just a few weeks before he returns to our screens as Clint Barton once more in his very own self-titled TV series, Avengers: Endgame star Jeremy Renner donned his Hawkeye suit yet again to celebrate Halloween in the most fan-pleasing way possible.

Renner first teased what he was doing by sharing a short video on his Instagram yesterday, highlighting Hawkeye’s quiver ready to go as part of his costume. “I couldn’t say no to my daughter and her friends!” he wrote in his caption to the post. “SUIT up once again.” Fans obviously got excited in the comments, with even fellow Hawkeye star Hailee Steinfeld responding “yes boss!!!!!!!”. Renner replied back to wish her a “happy Halloween”, adding a pumpkin and a heart emoji.

Renner later shared a shot of his costumed torso once he was in his full Hawkeye get-up on his Instagram stories, which you can see in the gallery below. MCU experts quickly noted that the outfit he wore is specifically Clint’s suit from Captain America: Civil War. Whether he chose it because it’s his favorite or if it’s just the only one he has at home, we don’t know.

It’s fitting that Renner had a Hawkeye-themed Halloween with his family as the whole point of the Hawkeye TV series is that the avenging archer is trying to get home to spend Christmas with his wife Laura (Linda Cardellini) and his kids. However, he’ll get stuck in New York once assassins come after both him and his unexpected new protégé Kate Bishop (Steinfeld). It’s currently unclear if this could be the actor’s last rodeo in the role, but expect to see much more of Steinfeld’s Kate after this.

Hawkeye premieres on Disney Plus with its first two episodes just in time for Thanksgiving on November 24th.