Jeri Ryan Says She Loves Who Seven’s Become On Star Trek: Picard


As well as the variety of The Next Generation stars who have returned alongside Patrick Stewart for Star Trek: Picard, the CBS All Access show has also brought back Seven of Nine from Voyager. Last seen in 2001, Seven had never crossed over with other corners of the Trek universe before, so this was a big deal for fans. Not only that, but there was a legitimate story reason for her to feature, too, what with both her and Picard being ex-Borgs who’ve reclaimed their humanity.

Across her two appearances so far in the series, episodes 4 and 5, we got to see how different Seven – or, to use her human name, Annika – has become over the past 20 years. In a tragic place after the death of her surrogate son, Seven is fueled by a thirst for vengeance when Picard encounters her. It’s a far cry from the very regimented, controlled woman of Voyager. 

But actress Jeri Ryan loves this new take on her character – even though she needed some convincing to return at first. While speaking to Vulture, the actress revealed that she was first pitched the idea of playing Seven again by her friend – and Picard EP – James Duff. She didn’t take the offer too seriously at the time, though.

“I sort of pooh-poohed the idea, and then he explained the basic idea of how she’s changed and who she is at this point, which was surprisingly appealing. Definitely I was very interested and intrigued, but didn’t think anything was going to happen because people pitch ideas all the time in Hollywood and nothing ever comes of it.”

To Ryan’s surprise, however, a long time after this conversation, she was approached again about the idea and realized that Seven was actually coming back.

“And then about a year ago I was at the Creative Arts Emmys where they were presenting Star Trek with an award for the 50th anniversary and I was lined up backstage behind Alex Kurtzman waiting to go on stage and he said, “Oh, yeah I understand you’ve talked to James. We’ve been talking a lot about Seven in the writer’s room.” And I was like, “Wait, what? It’s actually happening?!” [Laughs.] Totally shocked. But it’s great. I love who she’s become.”

Fans should check out the full interview via the link below, as it’s a fascinating read as Ryan goes on to discuss her initial struggles to grasp this very changed Seven. In fact, it was Jonathan Del Arco – who also returned as Hugh on Picard – who helped her crack the character.

Star Trek: Picard continues this Thursday with episode 6, “The Impossible Box.”

Source: Vulture