Jersey Shore Cast Now Making $100,000 Per Episode

The cast of Jersey Shore is now making $100,000 per episode. Yup, can you believe it? $100,000 to lie around, get drunk, work out, party and tan. Oh, and that’s not $100,000 collectively. I’m talking $100,000 each. The Situation, Snooki, JWOWW, Vin etc. They’re all making $100,000 each, per episode for the upcoming fourth season of Jersey Shore. And that’s not counting the numerous heaps of money that they all make on the side from doing promotional gigs. EW brings us the all too nauseating news as they tell us that after long negotiations, MTV struck a deal with the core cast.

As absurd as it is, can you really blame MTV? The show is a goldmine and MTV isn’t letting their guidos and guidettes go anywhere, at least not anytime soon. That was made evident last week when they announced the Jersey Shore spinoff shows. This gang is here to stay and you can be sure that the grenade dodging antics of the cast will be around for a while.

So now you can sleep easy, knowing that our tan, muscular, self-obsessed and innately shallow friends over in Jersey are going to be able to indulge in more partying and tomfoolery. Watch out Italy!