Jersey Shore Review: “Let’s Make It Official” (Season 6, Episode 6)

Despite everybody growing up and starting to face real life in their own, slightly immature ways, last week’s episode of Jersey Shore proved that there is still plenty of crazy left in the gang. Carrying on in that trend, the latest episode continues to expand on how the group is maturing, but fans of the first few seasons will be pleased to learn that there is still plenty of madness and instability to be found in the shore house.

When we last left Deena, she was being taken to the slammer for being excessively drunk for the world to see. That situation is wrapped up in about two minutes, however, when the gang goes to bail her out. Just as they arrive, Deena’s parents come to the rescue. Although they try and knock some sense into their daughter, it doesn’t seem to work too well. Everybody’s gotta have a “meatball day,” which stands as a perfect excuse to get out of any criminal charges.

Mike still plans on asking Paula to be his girlfriend, which he goes about in a totally creepy way by putting “Let’s make it official!” on a tank top. You’ll see how that goes in a minute. Other shenanigans that MIke gets up to include buying a fancy stroller for Snooki, as he’s still trying to get on her good side. She loves the gift, but still refuses to forgive him simply because he’s terrible at apologizing. He could buy her a house and a sex slave and she still would shoot him dirty looks.

Jenni goes to an orthopedic surgeon to get a second opinion about her fractured foot, only to find out that it’s not fractured at all. What a shame, especially since her and Snooks bought two wheelchairs to use for the summer. This could be a bit of an overreaction, but that never happens on Jersey Shore, right? It’s been about two days since Jenni has heard anything from Roger, putting a huge strain on their already tense relationship.

Speaking of tense relationships, Mike takes Paula out to dinner so that he can “make it official.” He brings the rest of the gang for moral support, except they’re sitting about two tables apart. The moment he reveals his shirt is the most awkward moment on television this year, as he smiles and points at himself while Paula stares, grins and acts like she knows how to read.

After she sounds it out, she accepts his proposition, so now they’re officially “dating.” But before they can finish their first date, Paula starts talking about marriage, buying a house, having kids, and pretty much anything else that will scare Mike away. Apparently her level of excitement over their new status freaks Mike out, but we’ve still got a whole summer to relish in his discomfort.

Roger has now been gone for four days, so Jenni reaches out and gives him a call to no avail. She worries herself sick over him, and the rest of the roommates help to comfort her. She gives him another call and finally gets him on the phone, and they argue to the point of no return. Before we can get a concrete answer on whether or not they’re done for, the episode is over. Don’t you love that rush of unsolved drama?

It’s hard to believe that only five paragraphs worth of randomness happened tonight. The drama with Roger has taken center stage, leaving Jenni stranded and possibly booted out of her home away from the shore. In all honesty, Let’s Make It Official is a midseason lull. It was not a terrible episode, but it was more filler than any other episode has been this season. Deena refuses to grow up after her “meatball day,” and if the preview for next week’s episode is any indication, she’s going to be leaving the shore house a few episodes early.

Mike is expectedly antsy at being a taken man now, but he does seem to genuinely feel…something for Paula. I don’t know if he can emotions, but he must love her if he can compare her to a cheese pizza. Ron and Sam have taken a seat on the bench for the season, calming down their usual bickering and replacing it with normality. Despite tonight’s lacking entertainment factor, the rest of the final season of Jersey Shore looks to be shaping up to be explosive if fans are willing to wait for the payoff.