Jersey Shore Review: “Shore Shower” (Season 6, Episode 10)

Just when Jersey Shore thought it was OK to stop getting tested for diseases, the Situation broke up with Paula, leaving him single with a vengeance. But Mike’s problems with his dating/single life are the least of the gang’s worries, as Shore Shower finally brings together a clash for the ages: Jionni and Vinny. Did you just feel the ground tremble? Yeah, that’s how big of a deal this is.

But before we can get to that little detail, let’s take a look at everything that led up to it. Before Mike can even bat an eye and act like he feels bad about his split with Paula, he’s back at the clubs rubbing his Little Situation against anything that’s vertical. His advances don’t get him too far, however, as Paula also happens to be at the club. Before he can make a move with any of the women he meets, Paula jumps in and starts talking to him, killing whatever chances he had of finding any hook ups. Paula wins round one of the post-break-up wars.

The baby shower that Jenni planned for Snooks is proving more and more problematic as the mother to be is yearning to go look at the baby store. After the girls explain to Jionni about the party, he quickly distracts her with a shiny coin and a trail of candy so that she won’t ruin her own surprise party.

Later on, the gang heads to another club for a night out on the town, but quickly have a run-in with an extremely unwelcome face. Everybody remembers Angelina, right? That crazy chick who was too crazy to even stay on Jersey Shore? Well Angelina certainly remembers. Drunk out of her mind, she finds MVP at the club and apologizes to them for about a half hour before the guys just leave. To their credit, they accept the apology with finesse, but good on them for getting out of there.

Vinny heads back to the house by himself, running into two girls who are down for a bit of a collaboration. Sadly, the smush room is taken, and one of the girls is too weirded out by Mike and Pauly staring at them to make an effort. Vinny’s vow to remain celibate over the summer holds true, whether he wanted it to or not. He’s also having trouble deciding on whether or not he should go to Snooki’s baby shower since him and Jionni haven’t been on the best terms after the Italy trip. Since Snooks wants the two guys to be able to reconcile, he decides to go to appease her.

As expected, the tension is thick enough to cut with a knife, and it looks like one of the most awkward baby showers I’ve ever seen (I’ve never been to a baby shower, so take that with a grain of salt). Just as it becomes too much, Vinny steps up and asks Jionni to step outside so they can discuss their issues like civilized men. Excited to find out how this conversation goes? So am I, since we don’t get to see it until next week!

Yep, the conversation that they teased heavily for this episode isn’t even in the freaking episode! So after all that build up, it looks like we’ll all have to tune back in next week to see this testosterone storm slam the Jersey Shore. With only two episodes left in the season (and the series), how is this pop-culture phenomenon going to go out? With a bang, or with a whimper?

Did anybody else find Angelina’s stalking/apologies creepily hilarious? Is anybody actually happy that Mike’s back on the market, or was he better tied to a leash? And who thinks that next week’s confrontation is going to come to blows? Let us know in the comments below what you predict will happen as Jersey Shore nears its series finale!

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