Jersey Shore Season 2-02 ‘The Hangover’ Recap

As the colourful crew returns this week for another episode of Jersey Shore, things start to heat up. The season is off to a great start right from the get go. Unlike last season, where we had to wait a bit to see the drama unfold, this season it’s starting right away. Since everyone already knows each other and already has a relationship with each other, there is way more to go on and the show realizes that.

As the episode starts, Ronnie and the boys return from their night out. Ronnie is still a mess, having hooked up with multiple ‘grenades’ he then boasts that he’s going to sleep with Sammi. He leaves the boys (who are still shocked by his actions) and he goes to cuddle in bed with Sammi.

The problem with this is that when Sammi finds out he came into her bed after behaving the way he did, shit is going to hit the fan. The boys start speculating on how the situation is going to turn out and as Pauly D says “Ronnie’s new name is I.F.F. (I’m Fucked Foundation), he’s the client and the president.”

As morning arrives, the gang heads out. The girls head off to shop and the boys go out to grab food for dinner. While shopping, Snooki finds an absolutely ridiculous pair of glasses that obstruct her vision. She finds a few more items and continues to act obnoxious as ever. Yes Snooki, you will get a ticket if you’re driving with those glasses. The shopping scene doesn’t last long and soon enough we’re back at the house.

Situation is busy preparing dinner for the gang and after he finishes, he puts the meat in the fridge. He warns everyone to be careful when they open the fridge and to make sure the chicken doesn’t slide out. It’s a blatant act of foreshadowing and sure enough Snooki comes prancing in with her new glasses, opens the fridge and the chicken spills all over her. Predictable, yet funny as hell.

I think Vinny put it best when he says “Snooki is a walking disaster, she attracts drama.” Of course it isn’t Snooki’s fault at all and when Vinny asks her to clean it, the mental competency she displays is akin to that of a flea. She has absolutely no idea what to do. Vinnie walks out to break the news to Situation and asks him what to do. Situation simply replies “pick that shit up dawg.”

Of course we get another Sammi/Ronnie fight because, what’s a Jersey Shore episode without a fight between the two? This time we see Sammi going through Ronnie’s phonebook (which she had no right to do) and she questions him on some names in there. The two go at it and fight like cat and dog. I’m really getting tired of seeing them fighting and making up over and over. It’s getting real old. Sammi ends the fight by telling him “fuck you and enjoy your life.”

With their dinner now on the floor, the crew has to find another way to get some food. This leads to probably the best scene in the episode. The Situation calls a restaurant to order pick up, the scene plays out like this.

The Situation: Can I place an order?
Delivery guy: What’s the name?
The Situation: Situation.
Delivery guy: Name?
The Situation: Yeah. Situation. Capital S-i-t-u-a-t-i-o-n.
Delivery guy: Whatever man, what’s your order?

Hilarious and easily one of the funniest scenes involving Situation.

The Angelina situation isn’t getting any better and the girls continue to fight. Snooki and JWOWW flip out on Angelina when they find out she’s been talking behind their backs. JWOWW tells her to “sleep with one eye open.”

The whole time this is going on, the boys are just sitting on the side watching. They’re absolutely loving it and just eating it up. After the fight, the phone rings and it’s for Angelina, Snooki picks it up and tells the caller that Angelina died, she then promptly hangs up. Ronnie sums it up best when he says “it’s gonna [sic] be a long two months.”

Speaking of Ronnie, Situation along with Pauly D and Vinny tell JWOWW about Ronnie’s antics at the club. They tell her about the girls Ronnie was hooking up with and when JWOWW asks if the one girl was fat, Vinny says “she played like tight end for the Giants.”

Situation wants to tell JWOWW about Ronnie boasting how he was going to sleep with Sammi but the other boys won’t let him. They tell him he’s is just trying to instigate and as Pauly D says “maybe they should call you the instigation.”

Since this is a Jersey Shore episode, Ronnie and Sammi of course have to make up since they fought. Ronnie tells Sammi his downfall is that he loves her so much. They talk about their relationship for a bit and decide while they still love each other, they still have a lot to work on.

Later on in the episode, we finally get to see where the gang will be working this summer. It turns out it will be at a gelato shop. They seem ok with this but Pauly D gets a bit tweaked when the owner makes fun of his hair. We don’t get to see them actually working, they just go in, meet the boss and that’s about it.

Out of no where Ronnie goes to get a tattoo and Sammi goes with him to support him. She tells him she’ll always be there for him and we see throughout the scene that the two are getting closer. Judging by what we saw here, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them get back together at some point in the season.

As the episode comes to a close, the crew gets ready to go out. Situation explains T-shirt time which is pretty funny and when we eventually see them at the club, it turns out Angelina has had too much to drink.

Angelina is acting wild and starts dancing with some girls. Pauly D gives a real insightful comment when he says “I think a lot of girls like both nowadays, so it’s not surprising, but it is interesting.”

As Angelina gets progressively more drunk, she starts to really annoy Pauly D and Situation, her only two remaining friends. When they get back to the house she tells Pauly D that she loves him and wants to marry him. Things get weird and an argument eventually breaks out which results in Angelina slapping Pauly D.

Situation pleads with her to go to bed because she’s drunk but she won’t have any of it. Situation storms off and pretty soon after Pauly D follows. The boys go outside to talk and Angelina follows them out and continues to fight. She’s clearly a drunken mess and I really don’t know what she’s trying to get out of this. She sure is relentless though. The episode ends with Pauly D flipping out at her and telling her she’s now on her own, she has no one, him and Situation are done with her.

Overall while it wasn`t one of the best episodes, it was still pretty enjoyable. A bit too much drama but the episode had its highlights. Snooki with her new glasses and spilling the chicken was great and Situation had that epic phone call.

Ron is full of it when he says he can`t remember the previous night and I really think it`s going to come back and haunt him. Sammi will find out but I don`t think she`ll care, she`ll get over it. Her and Ronnie love each other and I`m sure they`ll end up back together.

Angelina is in a pretty bad position now, with no one left on her side she may end up leaving again. If she sticks around I seriously think JWOWW is going to end up fighting her.

Things are certainly heating up and I love how the drama is starting so early on. Can`t wait to see where the show takes things next week.