Jersey Shore Season 2-03 ‘Creepin’ Recap

This week’s episode of Jersey Shore was easily one of the weakest ones in a long time. While it was still entertaining, it focused far too much on the Ronnie/Sam drama and nothing else really happened that was worthwhile or interesting. The show seriously has to figure out if Ronnie and Sam are going to be together or not. The whole thing is getting annoying and I honestly can’t stand their scenes anymore.

As the episode starts, Sitch and Pauly D are still fighting with Angelina. Things get really heated and the boys get seriously mad. They start screaming and yelling and even JWOWW says that she was shocked to see how mad Pauly D gets because he’s usually so calm. It’s a great scene, probably the best in the episode. We never really get to see Pauly D and Sitch get angry but it was pretty jokes.

The next morning Angelina tries to act all innocent and she asks Sitch what happened last night. She pretends like she doesn’t remember and she asks Situation why him and Pauly D are ignoring her. Situation fills her in and she acts all shocked like she honestly doesn’t remember. It’s a lame attempt by Angelina and she’s just trying to weasel her way out of the predicament. Angelina tells us “I think I got into a fight with Pauly, I don’t even know.” Yea right Angelina.

Upon ‘learning’ what she did, she goes to talk to Pauly. She starts apologizing and crying, but like Pauly D, I was having none of it. Honestly Angelina, your pathetic. I hate her character and she’s almost as annoying as the Ronnie/Sam plotline.

Pauly tells her he accepts her apology but she still crossed the line and they can’t be friends. Apparently her fun conflicts with his fun. This is one relationship that doesn’t look like it can be repaired.

Meanwhile, Vinny, JWOWW and Ronnie all head to work at the gelato shop. JWOWW is upset because her uniform suffocates her ‘girls’. She doesn’t like this one bit, you have to let them breathe as she says. Vinny takes a liking to the boss Enzo. Enzo calls him Vincenzo which Vinny really likes and he seems happy here. Plus as Vinny says “chicks love ice cream.”

After work Ronnie and Vinny go to a ‘hood’ barbershop to get a new cut. Vinny states that if someone can cut a black person’s hair, they can cut his. The boys turn out very happy with their new haircut and it seems like they’ve found a barber.

We are then treated to a pointless Ronnie and Sam scene where they act all friendly and do their ‘let’s be together’ thing again. Boring and annoying, thankfully the scene ends quickly.

In an unexpected move for Situation, he decides to become the voice of reason. He feels bad for Angelina and he gathers the crew and talks to them about the situation (no pun intended). He tells them to just settle the score and the only way for this to work is for Angelina to bond with the girls. Angelina can’t keep hanging out with the guys, after all she’s not gonna do a GTL with them right?

Day turns to night and the crew gets ready to go out. Vinnie tells Snook she looks hot (WTF?) and JWOWW seems to have forgotten her shirt as there’s literally nothing covering her. Vinny says JWOWW’s boobs defy gravity, he claims “Albert Einstein should come back and rewrite his laws of physics and rework them around Jenni’s tits.”

At the club Angelina finally owns up to talking shit about JWOWW and Snook and the girls make up and they forgive her. Ronnie starts off dancing and partying with Sam but as expected a fight breaks out and Ronnie calls her a ‘fucking bitch’. He leaves her and goes to find another girl to dance with. Snooki tells him he can’t keep doing this and the rest of the crew seems to be getting annoyed also.

Pauly D tells us that by getting into one little fight Ronnie thinks he’s allowed to creep.  He says he won’t rat him out to Sam but Snooki may. Ronnie ends up getting a bit too crazy and the boys have to take him home. Once again, Pauly D calls him I.F.F (I’m fucked foundation).

When they arrive home, for the second time now, Ronnie hops into bed with Sam after creeping on girls at the club. The boys realize this is wrong and Situation feels bad for Sam. When Situation and Pauly D are questioning your morals you know you’ve seriously fucked up.

Vinny gets home and passes out on a bean bag chair. He is then joined by Snooki who sits down beside him. They start getting a bit touchy and Snooki makes a quick phone call to her boyfriend. She tells him she has the hiccups, which to her is apparently the funniest thing ever. When she tries to get up she knocks over the table and lets out a piercing scream. She grabs Vinny and the two go to his room and get in bed together. Snook asks Vinnie if he wants to fuck and Vinny says sure (double WTF).

In the morning a confused Vinny wakes up and asks “did I bang Snooki last night, did I do the unthinkable?” I thought the crew would make a big deal about this but it kind of just came and went. No one really seemed to care.

JWOWW wakes up and learns that Ronnie is in bed with Sam and she gets fed up. She thinks the whole thing is ridiculous and she really wants to tell Sam about Ronnie’s creeping. She calls Ron a pig and discusses the matter with Pauly.

When Sam and Ronnie wake up they head to work. At work everything is back to normal and Ronnie tells Sam that she’s his girlfriend. It looks like it’s official now and Sam is thrilled.

The next night the MVP (Mike, Vinny, Pauly) team heads to the club while the rest of the cast goes to play pool. Angelina initially wants to head out with the boys but they make a plan to ditch her. In a brilliant “look over there, RUN!” maneuver, the boys sneak away and as they break free from Angelina, they revel in their mischievousness.

When they get to the club they realize there are grenades everywhere! It’s landmine central. Vinny tells us the club is full with the Bronx zoo but Pauly and Mike are still trying to round up girls. According to Vinny, Mike and Pauly would take home a stray dog if there were no girls left.

Back at their place, the boys hop in the hot tub with the girls they took home. All is going well until Situation splashes some water on his faces and realizes the unthinkable. They’ve got grenades!! Situation starts freaking out and tries to tell Pauly but according to him, Pauly was hypnotized, one of the hyenas hypnotzied him!

Then when things couldn’t get any worse, one of the girl’s fake boobs falls out into the tub. At first no one really knows what it is. Sitch tries to describe it but he’s baffled, he simply says “I don’t know what the fuck it was.”

Pauly D tells them to put it on the grill because apparently it looks like a chicken cutlet. The boys start playing catch with it but that’s the last straw. They promptly kick the girls out because as Situation says “this is a grenade free zone.”

The next morning Snook and Mike go to work. Of course Snooki does nothing but complain and since she’s so short she has to stand on a stool to see over the counter. When it comes to the daunting task of scooping ice cream, Snooki is lost. The overly complicated job has Snooki confused and she claims she has to read a handbook on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually does.

Situation decides to take one for the team when he sees business is slow. He goes outside the store and by taking his shit off he thinks he will attract more customers. He says he’ll attract the customers, clients, women, babies, dogs, everyone. Unfortunately his attempt fails miserably.

Back at the house, Sam decides to stay home and is really hoping Ron will stay in with her that night. Ron makes a stupid decision and decides to instead go clubbing with the boys. Sam gets really upset and says Ron failed her test.

As the episode ends JWOWW and Snook discuss the Ronnie/Sam situation and try to decide if they should tell Sam or not.

Like I said before, not a great episode. The opening scene that saw Situation, Pauly and Angelina fighting was good and the ‘grenades’ in the hot tub scene was pretty funny but aside from that there wasn’t anything else that was really that great or entertaining. Hopefully next week they’ll pick it up.

The Ronnie/Sam thing needs to come to a final conclusion. The cast as well as the audience is getting tired of it. It can only go on for so long. I really hope it comes to a close next episode. The seasons has been pretty good so far so this sub-par episode can be forgiven. Hopefully next week we’ll get something a bit more entertaining.