Jersey Shore Season 2-04 ‘Breaking Up’ Recap

As another week at the Jersey Shore begins, the gang heads out to the club. Ronnie is acting wild again and Sitch tries to give him the I.F.F (I’m Fucked Foundation) hand signal. Sitch explains that Ronnie has to get his act together because right now he’s the president of the IFF.

Snooki gets an odd call from her boyfriend and gets all upset. She has reason to believe her boyfriend is cheating on her. She tells us, guys don’t know how to deal with women and that’s why she fees that the lesbian rate is going up.

Snook tells JWOWW and Sam about the phone call and this leads to Ronnie being brought up. Sam wants to know what JWOWW and Snooki think of the her and Ron. Of course the girls are hesitant to give their opinion and Snooki describes what’s going on as ‘a big ball of fuckness’, fuckness being the new word that she made up.

Snooki gets a call back from Emilio and he confirms that he cheated on her. He’s clearly drunk and when Snooki starts freaking out at him, he says he was just kidding. Of course Snooki doesn’t accept this and she gets really upset. She hangs up and when he calls back JWOWW answers. JWOWW tells him off for a bit which makes Snook feel a bit better. Then, in one of the most random moments we’ve seen this season, the girls start smashing plates, for no apparent reason.

The boys get back from the club and after Sam waited up all night for Ron, he doesn’t even go in and say hello to her. Sam gets pissed and this leads to another fight, surprise surprise. Sam tells him that she only said he could go to the club because she was testing him. Ron explains that he doesn’t like tests, in fact, that’s the reason he didn’t go to college. Sam gets real mad and for the thousandth time she tells him it’s over and to never talk to her again.

As the episode progresses not a whole lot happens. A few entertaining scenes are found though when Sitch drops the nice family dinner he was preparing, and then when Angelina, who has diarrhea of the mouth according to Ron, lets it slip at their family dinner that Ronnie was dancing with a blonde girl. Things get kind of awkward after that.

After dinner everyone plays the game, bowl of questions. A bunch of questions are written up and put into a bowl and each person takes a turn drawing out a question. When the question of have you ever cheated comes up, and Ronnie accidentally answers yes, things get even more awkward.

Situation gives us an insightful analogy about Ronnie’s predicament. He compares Ronnie’s situation to cookies as he so eloquently fills us in on what’s going on. Ladies and Gentlemen, you’ve just been treated to another brilliant commentary by Situation.

The next day we see the boys head to the gym. As Situation explains “you got to be on your tip top game with your G.T.L., so you can stay F.T.D., to get the girls to D.T.F., in M.I.A.”

As day turns to night, the team heads out to the clubs and Ron and Sam start fighting. Situation gets fed up and asks the all important question, ‘how much can you fight?”

Sam decides that’s it and she can’t deal with it anymore and she storms out. The gang heads to another club and Ronnie is just an absolute mess. He’s completely smashed and he keeps telling Sam he hates her only to tell her a few minutes later he loves her. For some reason Sam ends up taking Ron back to the house because he’s too drunk. In the morning, Ron wakes up and according to Vin, he’s puking up a storm. As Vin puts it “it’s pouring out non stop, like The Exorcist.”

After he’s done puking, he goes to hang out with Sam and somehow they decide they love each other and decide they’re going to be together again. This honestly has to end. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

That morning, Vin and Pauly D head to work and try to pick up some chicks while scooping ice cream. Despite their cheesy lines, they actually get a number. It was actually one of the more entertaining scenes in the episode and they were pretty funny.

As the episode ends, Snooki and JWOWW write an anonymous letter to Sam telling her what Ron has been up to. The plan is to slip it in her drawer so she finds it. When they get to the house though they have a talk with Angelina. Angelina wants no part in this and she argues for a bit with the girls. The girls can’t seem to decide what to do with the letter and the episode comes to a close.

Another bad episode. Too much of the episode is focused on the Ron/Sam drama and people just don’t care about it anymore. They take up way too much time and there isn’t any time for the other characters. All their scenes are boring and their storyline is so predictable. They keep breaking up followed by a make up. It’s a never ending cycle. If the entire season focuses on this, it’s going to become pretty boring and monotonous.

Oh and also, if I have to hear Snooki let out one of those ‘wehhhh’ noises again, I may have to stop watching permanently.

Hopefully next week there will be more of  a focus on the other characters and this Ron/Sam drama will finally come to a conclusion.