Jersey Shore Season 2-05 ‘The Letter’ Recap

Finally, this could be the end of Ron and Sam, once and for all. I sure hope it is, it’s about time. If they get back together after this I’ll straight up just stop watching, no joke. It looks like this time they’re done for good and honestly, it’s better that way.

As the episode starts, the girls head out to the club where they find some guys who were there for the gay pride parade. They have some fun and start dancing with them and end up having a good night.

While the girls are out at one club, the boys are at another and apparently they’re having a good night as well. Situation especially is loving it. He tells us “I’m hooking up with this girl, and your girl’s girl, and your girlfriend’s girlfriend’s girlfriend, someone has to do it.” I guess so Situation, I guess so.

When Snook gets home she calls Emilio to give him a second chance. Emilio is rude though and Snooki gets mad and says she’s done with him. She gave him a second chance but he blew it.

The MVP team gets back to the house and brings home two girls. But then the unthinkable happens. Another two girls arrive at the house unexpectedly. These are two girls that Situation had told to come over earlier. His intentions were to use these girls as backups since they were D.T.F. Well now he’s in trouble. He ended up getting girls from the club to come back yet these two other ‘backup girls’ showed up. Now the guys have a true situation on their hands. Instead of turning the D.T.F girls away, he decides to wing it.

So now the boys have 4 girls in the house. The two girls from the club in one room and the two D.T.F. ‘backup girls’ in the other room. The two sets of girls are unaware of each other. Situation takes charge of the predicament and devises a master plan.

Step one, he must separate the two D.T.F. girls. One is a hippopotamus according to him, so he has to isolate the hot one. He says he’ll let the ‘grenade’ blow up in Ron’s room. So while Sitch is taking care of that, Vin and Pauly will go do their thing with the two girls from the club.

Shockingly the plan works. They all get the girls they want and it goes off without a hitch. Very impressive.

The next morning Sitch and Angelina get in a bit of a fight over cleaning the dishes but this being Jersey Shore, within the next 10 minutes they’re friends again.

Snook is still upset about Emilio so she burns all the pictures of him. She tells us everyone has been very sympathetic. We also learn that ‘sympathetic’ is her word of the day, it’s a big word after all.

Now we come to the letter. JWOWW and Snook finally plant it and we wait for Sam to find it. When she does she’s obviously upset. She goes to Pauly and Vin to see if it’s true, they’re not much help though. Vin gives Ron a heads up about the note and finally Sam goes to confront him.

Ron confesses to most of it and although Sam is pissed, Ron thinks he’ll be able to talk himself out of it. Ron isn’t really that mad about what’s in the letter, he’s more pissed that it was anonymous. He rules Snooki out as the culprit though since the vocabulary used is above her level.

Sam and Ron continue to argue about it and of course everyone denies that they wrote it. Finally as the episode ends, Sam says that they’re officially broken up and it just wasn’t meant to be. To make it even more official, Ron takes out his phone book and starts making calls to some girls back home.

As I said before, I really hope this is the end of Ron and Sam, it better be. Aside form the inevitable drama between them, it was a pretty good episode. Best moment goes to Situation’s master plan, that whole scene was amazing.

With the Ron and Sam drama probably behind us, I wonder what’s going to be the main focus of the show for the rest of the season? I wouldn’t be surprised if Vin and Snooki start something. It’s Jersey Shore, anything can happen.

Check back next week for our recap on episode 6.