Jersey Shore Season 2-06 ‘Not So Shore’ Recap

Jersey Shore was pretty disappointing tonight. In fact it was kind of boring at times, not a whole lot happened and it mainly focused on the drama regarding Sam, JWOWW, Snook, Angelina and the letter.

This week kicked off with some good ol’ drunken stupidity. As the episode opens up, the girls are having some drinks outside and they’re clearly wasted. Snooki is the worst, obviously, and we’re forced to watch her spit up her drink. She then heads off to bed, where she should be.

Only she doesn’t head to her bed. She goes to snuggle with Vin and the two end up hooking up, because you know, this year Vin says he’s a bit more D.T.S (down to snuggle) with Snooki. Uh, who else just lost some respect for Vin?

The next morning the girls head to the beach (except Sam) and they discuss that stupid note again. While the girls are at the beach, Sitch has a talk with Sam. He tells her Ron was wrong and she tells him she’s an emotional wreck and she’s destroyed inside. Sam then gives us her tagline “I’m done with it.” Ok Sam, ok. What is this, the 247th time you’ve said that?

Again we see the girls discussing the letter and they decide to tell Sam. They tell her to join them outside but she refuses. Situation overhears JWOWW and Snook talking about the letter and tells Sam. She’s obviously pissed but Sitch is still loving it. He tells us he knows there’ll be a fight but he says “I’ll just be flipping pancakes while people are punching themselves in the face.”

JWOWW is pissed that Sam didn’t come to talk to them and she goes inside to talk to Sam. They start to argue and then a full out fight gets underway.  Eventually everyone gets involved but the excessive amount of bleeps make it near impossible to decipher the ensuing nonsense.

Best part about the scene? You probably didn’t catch it, but as everyone is yelling at each other, there’s a shot of Sitch just standing there quietly checking out his biceps. Hilarious.

Sam demands to know who wrote the letter but no one owns up and she storms off crying. Ron asks Sam if he can talk with her and she tells him he made her look like an idiot and a fool and he tells her that he understands and he’ll give her some space.

We’re then treated to a completely pointless scene of Vin and Pauly D visiting the eye doctor. There’s not really anything else to say. Pointless and random, that’s about it.

The crew heads out that night to the club. Angelina meets a guy, the rest of the gang is just having a good time and of course Sitch is doing his thing, as usual. He tells us he spots a blonde hair girl and he says “as usual I just sniped her, that one look from a distance, and it’s like you know you’re coming home with me type of look.” The two start dancing and sure enough they go home together.

The girl manages to impress Sitch with her knowledge. He tells us “the brains on that girl, she definitely went to college.” Angelina goes home with her guy also but she’s not having any of it and he ends up leaving. Situation does his thing with his girl and then orders a taxi for her and kicks her out. Epic.

When everyone wakes up, the guys go out for lunch and JWOWW and Snook go to do some shopping, after all it is their turn to cook the Sunday night meal. Snooki, in honestly one of her most retarded moments, asks how to spell tomatoes and the following scene of her and JWOWW at the grocery store is downright pathetic. These people are 100% incompetent.

When they get home, Angelina pitches in with the cooking but Sam is being difficult and refuses to really help, of course this angers JWOWW. At dinner everyone agrees that the food is good and that the girls did a job. Sam is the only one who doesn’t really comment on it, in fact she doesn’t even eat it, which makes JWOWW even angrier. After dinner M.V.P form an assembly line and swiftly clean up the mess.

Situation’s sister comes to visit which of course makes Vin a bit nervous and uneasy. Luckily, at the club, the two hit it off well. They’re dancing and flirting and Vin feels good about it all. At the club Sitch spots a blonde haired girl and goes to talk to her. There’s just one problem, Pauly D tells us that this she is actually a he and he says “Situation may have gotten himself into a situation.”

The rest of the crew tells us the cardinal rule in Miami. If you even have to think about it, then it’s a dude. Situation eventually realizes this and in his interview clip after the club scene he looks truly torn up and shocked. Oh well Sitch, can’t win ’em all.

Pauly and Angelina hook up a bit in the cab but Pauly D is beyond drunk. The boys have to carry him into the house and Vin tells us “right now Pauly would hook with me he’s so drunk.”

After putting Pauly to bed, another fight breaks out. Apparently JWOWW was talking shit about Pauly behind his back and everyone starts arguing. As the episode closes, the focus of the fight shifts to JWOWW and Sam and the two go at it. It escalates to physical fighting and the episode ends.

Honestly, not a great episode. I’m sure many others will agree when I say that I don’t care about the Sam drama anymore. The whole storyline about the letter and Sam/Ron and everything surrounding that is so incredibly boring. I really hate watching it.

Not much else happened this week that didn’t somehow tie into the Ron/Sam ordeal. How much longer can they really milk the whole thing? We want to see something new, it’s getting tedious.

They’re now at the halfway mark so hopefully the last half of the season will pick up a bit. So far though, I think season one was better. Anyways, we’ll have to see how things go.

Check back next week for our recap of episode 7.