Jersey Shore Season 2-07 ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’ Recap

This week on Jersey Shore, we pick up exactly where we left off last week. After a night of partying, the crew comes home and fights break out. It’s one of the whole house fights and everyone is yelling, screaming and it gets a bit physical.

The fighting actually carries on for a while and in the morning the house is trashed. Pauly tells us it looks like WW3 went down last night. Sammi wakes up with Ron in her bed (even though she told us last week she was done with it) and JWOWW wakes up and calls her boss to get out of work. The reason being is she doesn’t want to have to be around Ron and Sam who have the same shift as her.

During the day the boys head to the beach. They meet a couple of girls but there’s just one problem. I think Pauly said it best when he tells us ‘there’s nothing like a nice herpe to ruin the party.’ The boys instantly make some excuses and ditch the girls.

At work, Sitch and Angelina are taking a shift and they talk about Vin. Angelina says he’s ugly and she doesn’t like him at all. Jose, the guy Angelina met last week, walks into the ice cream shop and has a gift for Angelina. He bought her a watch which she seems pretty happy about.

That night Sam and Ron go out to dinner and she tells him she loves him. No comment.

Meanwhile Angelina is telling Pauly about the watch but Angelina says Jose isn’t hooking up with her, she doesn’t want to. Ronnie says Jose is a sucker for buying Angelina a watch after just a few days. That night Jose takes Angelina out to dinner while the rest of the gang goes to play pool.

The next day at the beach Snooki makes a super intelligent comment when JWOWW calls her white. Snook says that she’s not white, she’s tan and on job applications when they ask what race she is, she puts other and writes tan.

Back at the house there’s some more fighting, this time the participants are Vin and Angelina. They go at it for a bit but I sense a hook up coming soon between the two. Later on, to the tune of David Guetta’s ‘Gettin Over You’, the gang gets ready to go out and they hit the club.

While at the club, Vin spots a girl who he thinks is beautiful but is a grenade in Angelina’s eyes. Snook spots a guy who she thinks his cute and they start dancing. At the end of the night, both Vin and Snook go home with their partners.

JWOWW is unfortunately in the room when Snook and her guy are getting it on and she says she almost vomited. She tells us she’s traumatized, can you blame her?

Jose makes a fatal mistake the next night. He calls Angelina to see her but she says she can’t. He tells her it’s ok but that she should behave. Angelina dies laughing. They’ve been on three dates and he’s already telling her what to do. Angelina tells us that when a guy tells her what to do, she does the opposite. She’s going all out tonight.

JWOWW and Snook stay in and Snooki invites her guy from last night over, Dennis. She tells him to bring a friend for JWOWW. Before the guys come over, JWOWW and Snook go to disinfect the ‘smush’ room which is a scene that is a perfect example of stupid people doing stupid things. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

When Dennis and his friend arrive, it turns out that the guy Dennis brought is a ‘man grenade’. JWOWW wants nothing to do with him and things get awkward. Snook explains to Dennis that his friend has to leave so Dennis breaks the news to his buddy.

Once gone, Snook and Dennis head off to ‘smush’. Meanwhile, on the way back home from the club, Vin and Angelina are hooking up in the cab. Once they arrive home, the head to Vinnie’s room to continue what they started in the club. And so the episode ends.

Once again not a great episode. There wasn’t too much Ron/Sam drama but I still don’t get why they’re together now. The entire storyline is so pathetic and I’ve lost all interest in it. One week they’re together, one week they’re not. That’s all it boils down to.

Aside from that, nothing else happened this week that was terribly interesting or fun to watch. Ok maybe the Angelina and Vin thing surprised some people but I saw it coming, even from a few weeks back. Situation didn’t do a whole lot this week and Pauly D had a few good lines but didn’t get much attention.

To be honest, MTV should just split the group up. Give Sitch, Pauly and Vin their own show called M.V.P. and give Angelina, JWOWW, Snook and Ron their own show called Drama Queens + Ron. Anyone else agree?