Jersey Shore Season 2-08 ‘All In The Family’ Recap

As morning arrives in Miami, Sitch is cooking up some breakfast and Angelina wakes up with Vin. Word spreads quickly about the Angelina and Vinnie hook up and soon everyone has an opinion on it.

Both Vin and Angelina get ripped on for a bit and of course Situation has some funny things to say about it. He says Angelina has proved the ho equation. He truly seems perplexed by the whole thing and can’t figure out how it happened.

Meanwhile, Pauly D is at work and apparently he ‘kills it’ there. He’s just hitting on every girl and collecting numbers like crazy. At the same time, Vin’s family has arrived in Miami to visit. Also going on at the same time is a ‘percy’ date between JWOWW and Snook. They talk about the Angelina/Vin situation and Snook is very mad about it. She really doesn’t like Angelina.

That night Vin’s family comes over and prepares a massive dinner. It’s literally a feast, there’s honestly at least 10 courses and it’s quite the spread. Afterwards, Vinnie’s Uncle Nino, who’s quite the character, hangs out with the gang. They get in the hot tub where he creeps on JWOWW and as they’re all hanging out, a fight breaks out between Snook and Angelina. Because Vin’s family is there, the girls decide not to save it for later and it ends as quickly as it began.

Later on, they get ready to go out and Angelina calls Jose to tell him he can’t come. She’s afraid of Situation because she thinks he’ll tell Jose about Vin. Speaking of Situation, at the club, him and Pauly are working some game but Vin tries to steal Situation’s chick. This makes Sitch mad and he steals her back and rubs it in Vinnie’s face.

Meanwhile, Angelina, who apparently is ‘letting loose’, has found another guy who she brings home. Situation and Pauly D also manage to bring some girls back.  Situation is being very obnoxious with his girl though. I seriously don’t even know what he’s doing, the guy is absolutely ridiculous.

The girl gets fed up and drops the ‘bf’ bomb on him. She tells him she has a boyfriend and she leaves. This also ruins Pauly’s night since his girl was friends with Situation’s girl and they both end up leaving.

So now it’s 6am but both Pauly and Sitch hit the phone looking for girls. Shockingly, they get one. Pauly says if a girl comes over at 3am she’s D.T.F, but if she comes at 6am, well not even Pauly knows what that means. Nevertheless, a girl comes over for Pauly but she doesn’t bring anyone for Situation, this makes him pretty upset.

He doesn’t know what to do with himself so he makes himself an egg sandwich and watches Pauly and the girl go at it. Did anyone else find this very creepy? Situation watching his best friend get it on with a girl.

The next night Angelina invites Jose to come out with the gang. Situation tells Jose that Angelina is hiding something. Angelina gets upset but decides to tell Jose what happened. Surprisingly he’s not that upset. The guy is a complete fool, he’s totally fine with it.

At the club, Vin spots what he calls the most beautiful girl that he has seen in Miami. Pauly D also meets a girl he really likes. They both agree that these aren’t just girls that you take home for a one night stand. These are girls you take on dates and get to know. So they decide to do just that. They both call their girls and set up a date, a double date.

They go all out. Haircuts, new outfits, flowers, the whole nine yards. Then Vin gets a bit of a shock, his girl calls to cancel. He’s crushed, he really liked her. After a quick scene, where we see Pauly for the first time ever without spiked hair, Vin calls his girl back and convinces her to come. Apparently he ‘finagled’ it.

And so the night arrives and the date starts. Pauly leaves first because his date showed up early. While at the restaurant we notice that Vin doesn’t show up. It turns out his girl lied, she stood him up, she’s not coming. Vinnie looks like he just got the worst news of his life. He slumps into a mini depression and as the rest of the gang  heads out, he decides to stay in, alone. And it is here that the episode ends.

It was actually a pretty sad ending. Vinnie looked so upset, just absolutely crushed. I have no doubt he’ll be over it by next episode but I still felt bad. In better news, thank god there was no Ron/Sam drama, I think that was a first for this season.

Jose should break up with Angelina soon and if he doesn’t I think Snook is going to do something about it. She was bad mouthing Angelina a lot this episode and I think she’s going to try and sabotage the Angelina/Jose relationship somehow.

Overall it wasn’t a bad episode, like I said before, at least there wasn’t much of a focus on the Ron/Sam drama which is always a good thing. It looks like everyone’s turning on Angelina now, even Situation (judging by the preview for next week). Will she leave the house again? Who knows? I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.