Jersey Shore Season 2-10 ‘Gone, Baby, Gone’ Recap

She’s finally gone. The bitch of Staten Island, Angelina is finally off the show!

As the episode starts we see Angelina fighting with Situation, it gets a bit heated and Situation tells us he has had enough. Ron comes home and sees Situation just sitting still, of course he’s worried because Situation has A.D.D., he never sits still.

Pauly tells Angelina’s friend Mike (from the beach) that he has to leave. Mike gives Angelina his number but Pauly says it’s for sure a fake because who would want Angelina to call them after that.

The house calls a meeting to discuss the problem. Pauly says she brings it upon herself and Angelina tells us she doesn’t fit in here and she misses her old life. When JWOWW and Tom arrive home, Situation fills them in on what happened.

Surprisingly JWOWW goes to talk to Angelina and tells her that she’s put up with so much and she has earned a spot in the house. She tells her not to leave. Angelina is obviously surprised by this.

Anyways, it eventually comes to T-shirt time which the boys of course announce endlessly. Situation goes to order a cab but when he gives them his name and he tells them it’s Situation, they’re confused to say the least. Situation is excited though. His girl from last week, Samantha, is coming out with them. She comes over to the house and Situation lays down the law. He tells her she’s sleeping over and they go to pick out her pajamas. Situation also calls dibs on the ‘smush’ room.

At the club the gang is doing their usual thing. Angelina is with Jose, Situation is with Samantha and everyone’s having a good time. At the end of the night, Situation brings Samantha back and Vin tells us ‘Mike brought back the Canadian eh and he wants to show her what the Situation is all aboot”.

Situation and Samantha head to the ‘smush’ room and shortly after, the gang starts hearing loud moaning coming from the room. The next morning Situation proclaims “I love Canada”.

While Situation was in the ‘smush’ room for the night, Angelina decides to take his bed, with Jose. Of course Situation isn’t too happy with this and it only serves to further the tension between the two.

That morning, Situation fills us in on Samantha. He says “she’s great in bed and the next thing you know she’s eating an egg sangwhich with M.V.P….you know, you can’t find em like that these days”.

Situation informs the rest of the house about Angelina sleeping in his bed. They all agree it was the wrong thing to do and when Angelina walks in, another fight breaks out. Things seem to be only getting worse for Angelina.

In the morning, Pauly D takes it upon himself to wake up the entire house and the boys go for a serious G.T.L session. They hop in the car but are surprised to find that it smells awful. Ron almost throws up and they discover the culprit is a cheese sandwich. Situation says it must be Angelina because as he puts it “we all know that rats love cheese”.

Meanwhile at the house, Snooki is still upset she hasn’t found a guy and JWOWW has an emotional goodbye with Tom. Snooki talks to JWOWW about her ideal guy and they set out to find one for her.

Later that day, the gang finds out Angelina is leaving. Once again another fight starts and Situation tells Angelina that she can get the fuck out and they don’t care if she leaves. As they get ready to go out, she tells them she’s not coming.

So the gang gets ready for a night out and Vin tells us his v-neck is so fresh that he skipped t-shirt time, his shirt defied the rules of t-shirt time. Eventually the gang makes it to the club and they all seem to be having a great time without Angelina. Pauly is there with his girl which makes him happy and Snook says she’s ready to creep. Problem is, she cant’t find any cute guys, she decides she’ll have to compromise.

Snooki sees Alex (Angelina’s old guy) and she starts hooking up with him. The gang is a bit surprised as it’s a gutsy move on Snooki’s part. Meanwhile, at home, Angelina is packing her bags and getting ready to leave.

When everyone gets home they see Angelina’s packed bags. They all walk in and Angelina sees Snooki with Alex. They start to argue and obviously another fight breaks out. This time it’s physical and it’s between Snooki and Angelina. The two actually go at it for a while before the gang breaks it up. During the fight Situation is looking out for everyone’s best interest. He says he had to move the table because it was getting serious, he didn’t want anything happening to the table.

Angelina yells at everyone telling them they’re fake and she can’t stand them. Eventually she decides that she’s had it and she leaves. Her parting words come in the form of telling Situation he looks 40 and he should get some botox. Situation is appaled, he says to call him fake is blasphemy, he tells us in some countries you could be hanged for that.

As the episode ends, we see Pauly D telling Vin to move into their room and Angelina driving off in the cab.

Tonight’s episode was pretty good, a lot better than last week. Angelina is finally gone but somehow I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of her. I don’t think we’ll see her again this season but she’ll probably find a way to come back next year.

With the Ron/Sam drama gone, and now the Angelina drama is done, we’re left to wonder where the show’s focus will be for the last couple episodes. It’s too late to start a new ‘drama’ but I’m sure we’ll still see some interesting things going down. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.