Jersey Shore Season 2-12 ‘Deja Vu All Over Again’ Recap

This week, like usual, we start off with the ending of last week’s episode. The gang is out at the club and Sitch is still being a tool.Snooki is getting really mad with him and when they eventually do leave, Snooki complains the whole cab ride home about how Situation ruined her night. Back at the house, Vin and Ramona proceed to ‘smush’ and the rest of the crew goes to bed.

In the morning, Situation tells us that Snooki doesn’t have a right to be mad at him, nevertheless, he goes to apologize. While she’s reluctant at first, she eventually accepts his apology.

Meanwhile, Vin wakes up with Ramona and see her off and the day gets started. Snooki says goodbye to Ryder and gets a bit emotional. She starts crying and JWOWW consoles her as she tells us she wants to go home and she misses her friends. Vin also comes over to make her feel better and Snook tells us that Vin is kind of like her older brother.

While the rest of the crew is chilling at the house, Mike and Pauly go out to get a haircut and to get waxed. While out, they get into a bit of a parking situation. Pauly tells us Situation will park anywhere and he’s right as we see Sitch park the car with one of the wheels right up on the sidewalk. There’s clearly a no parking sign but Situation reads it as ‘parking for Situation only’.

As day turns to night, the gang gets ready to go out. Pauly D orders the cab and then announces that it’s t-shirt time. The crew head to a club called Space.

As usual, they’re all having fun except Snooki. She starts arguing with two people she sees and things get heated. The fight stays strictly verbal and Situation comes in to make sure things don’t get physical. Somehow, this little argument gets the gang kicked out of the club. Obviously no one’s happy about this and at 3:15 they get kicked out, according to Ronnie though they just got there. Really? 3:15 and you’re just getting there? Didn’t Pauly order the cab for 1:00?

Being the quick thinker he is, Pauly D manages to grab two girls as they’re getting kicked out. After all, he can’t go home alone and neither can Sitch. Sitch and Pauly want to ‘get it in’, so they go back to the house while the rest of the gang heads elsewhere.

Pauly confirms our suspicions when he tells us that the only reason he grabbed these girls is because there D.T.F. He then explains to us that you got to get these girls in bed, talk to them for a bit then ‘get it in’. Thanks for the tips Pauly.

Anyway, as expected, Sitch runs into a bit of a situation. His girl won’t hook up with him and he gets upset. He tells her to go to another room and he’s going to go to sleep. This of course makes it weird for Pauly because he’s with her friend. Sitch tells the girl he doesn’t want to waste time and he tells her to go sleep on the couch.

The girl isn’t pleased though. She comes back to Sitch’s room to talk to him. Situation gets pissed and drops one of the best lines all season. He tells her “don’t come over to somebody’s house at fuckin 5am and expect just to watch me play Checkers.” Checkers? Really Sitch? Where did that even come from? Like of all the things he could have said he says Checkers. I bet Sitch doesn’t even know how to play Checkers.

The girl is as surprised as us and she replies “what, I never said anything about checkers old man.” Eventually both girls leave and Mike and Pauly are left with no girls. Pauly is pissed because his girl was D.T.F. and Mike “let his situation get the best of him.”

Pauly tries not to get angry but we can see he’s pissed at Sitch. He tells us Sitch couldn’t play wingman for him, he couldn’t decipher the bomb. Pauly needs a solid wingman because after all, as he says, it’s a war out there.

The next day Vin heads to the beach with Ramona and Pauly comes along and meets his girl, Rocio. Meanwhile, at the house, Sitch tells JWOWW about his night but he changes up the story a bit. He tells her he didn’t want to ‘get it in’ because the girl was a grenade. Meanwhile, Pauly tells Vin he could have used him last night and he tells him the real version of what went on. While at the beach, they meet up with Ron and Sam and they all have a nice day.

That night, Sitch prepares dinner but runs into a situation when the fire alarm goes off. Firetrucks arrive at the house and both JWOWW and Snook are impressed with the firemen. Situation tells us “the fire department sensed there was a situation and they rolled up and they see the Situation so everything was cool.”

After dinner, there’s a mini Ron/Sam fight when Ron tells Sam that she looks Asian. Sam gets mad because his last girlfriend was Asian. Snook goes to talk to Sam but she tells us that while she’s trying to be nice, this is stupid and Sam shouldn’t be mad at him for that comment.

We then see JWOWW, Snook and Vin make a hookup board. They want to see who has swapped spit, it’s pretty funny actually. For the most part, they’ve all pretty much hooked up with each other in someway or another.

The next day Vin and Situation go tanning and Sitch parks in a towing zone. Of course he gets towed and when he finds out, he can’t believe it. He calls the towing company and tells them he has a situation. He tells them his car has been….but he can’t think of the word, he just stutters and tries to think of it. Finally Vin gives him the word, towed, and Situation proceeds to tell the guy on the phone what happened.

Situation and Vin go looking all over Miami, trying to find this towing place but they keep getting lost. Vin tells us it’s like the guido version of The Amazing Race. They finally find it and manage to get their car back. Mike isn’t too happy with the fine they had to pay though.

When night comes, M.V.P go out and at the club Vin meets up with Ramona. Pauly and Mike spot two blondes who are from ‘Canadia’, according to Situation. They know these girls are D.T.F. so they bring them back to the house.

At the house, Vin and Ramona go to ‘smush’ and Mike and Pauly go off with their ‘grenades’, as Vinnie puts it. Situation is pretty confident he’s going to ‘get it in’ but of course problems arise. Situation’s girl tells him she has to go in five minutes and he gets pissed. He tells her just to get out now. Pauly D can’t believe it and he tells us he’s having deja vu. I’m surprised he even knew what that term meant.

Anyways, the two girls leave and once again Pauly and Sitch have no girls. As the episode ends, Pauly tells us it’s time to talk to Situation and he has to learn how to be a good wingman.

This week there wasn’t a whole lot going on. I was expecting to see everyone ganging up against Situation but that still hasn’t happened. He seems to piss everyone off but they never do anything about it. Judging by next week’s preview, it looks like there’s going to be a big fight, which I guess has to happen since it’s the finale.

Last night’s episode wasn’t bad, it’s just nothing significant happened, but then again, how often does something happen on the show that actually matters? Either way, there were some good scenes last night. Vin and Sitch looking for the car was pretty jokes and it’s always funny to see Situation fucking up Pauly’s night.

Next week is the finale and I’m still hoping Angelina somehow comes back into the mix. I’m not sure how or why she would come back but I’m still thinking she may show up. Aside from that, I’m not sure what they’ve got planned for the finale. Check back next week for our recap and we’ll let you know how it all ends.