Jersey Shore Season 2-13 ‘Back Into The Fold’ Recap

All good things come to an end. It’s been a great few months but television’s most entertaining show has now come to an end. The second season of Jersey Shore came to a close last night and despite the weak finale, overall it was a fitting end to an otherwise strong season.

As the episode opens up, the gang is getting ready to do something other than GTL/party. They’re going on an excursion, they’re headed to the everglades. It’s kind of random but humorous nonetheless. Sitch tells us that “bugs in the everglades are huge, they’re about the size of Snooki.”

After their airboat tour, they go to a cafe for lunch but it isn’t quite what they expect. Frog legs and gator are part of the menu and JWOWW almost pukes. Situation digs into the frog legs but apparently they don’t sit well with him and on the way home, he asks Ron to pull over so he can throw up.

Later that night, Pauly and Vin call up their girls for one last date. The two couples go out (separately) and when it comes time to say bye, it was kind of sad. Pauly and Vin really liked their girls and they were both very upset to have to end it.

Elsewhere in Miami, Ron and Sam go out on one last date and since this is the last episode, we of course have to bear witness to one last fight. It’s not a big one but it does upset Sam as it’s the last night.

As the night goes on, the gang heads out to clubs for one last time. Vin has two girls all over him but he’s not having any of it. He’s still fixed on Ramona and he passes the girls off to Sitch who is obviously all over it. They’re not the prettiest girls in the world but as Vin puts it “You mix two grenades and they might make one good looking girl.” Sitch of course hooks up with them at the club and everyone has a good night.

The next day, the drama starts to unfold. Snooki asks Sam to help her cook and Sam tells her to go ask JWOWW. This sets Snooki off and her and JWOWW start bashing Sam, again.

Then at dinner, Situation stirs the pot a bit and awards a trophy to the person who did the least in the house, the winner is Sam. Pauly gives himself the most likely to get skin cancer award and Sitch causes trouble again when he gives out the most likely to be a follower award to Vin.

This doesn’t sit well with Vin and he gets mad. JWOWW then calls Mike fake which sets him off. Snooki tells JWOWW that a bunch of people in the house thought she was the fake one. JWOWW then tells Mike that it was Pauly who called him fake. Pauly gets enraged and screams at JWOWW for telling lies. Pauly loses it and actually scares the girls. He gets very angry and tells them he would never talk bad about Situation.

Everyone starts arguing about who’s fake and who called who fake and even Snooki starts fighting with JWOWW which leads to Snooki crying. This fight goes on for a while but it feels so forced. It doesn’t seem genuine and it feels like the producers just scripted a fight to add some drama into the finale. It’s a stupid fight and it comes off as phoney. I know a lot of the show is scripted but this fight compared to previous ones, just felt so forced.

Eventually though everyone calms down and in the morning they all wake up for one last breakfast together. Pauly D tells us he can’t believe it’s over and everyone starts to say their goodbyes. The first to go are Ron and Sam but Sam surprises everyone when she doesn’t bother saying bye to JWOWW.

M.V.P share one last moment before Vin heads off, Snooki makes sure to pack the pickles before her and JWOWW take off and finally Sitch and Pauly depart.

And with that, the season comes to an end. It was definitely sad seeing everyone depart and seeing it all come to an end. The show will be missed but thankfully season 3 isn’t too far away. The finale wasn’t great as not much happened and the only drama that did unfold felt forced. Despite this, the season overall was pretty good and it had some great moments.

Next week we’ll have a recap on the reunion special as well as a special article highlighting the top 10 moments of the season. Be sure to check back next week.