Jersey Shore Season 3-05 ‘Drunk Punch Love’ Recap

Another week, another episode of Jersey Shore. Let’s see what our favorite guidos and guidettes have in store for us this week. We start off in New York, JWOWW is still home with Snook, who’s trying to console her. Snooki tells us she wants to chop Tom’s nuts off for what he did to JWOWW.

Back at the shore, Ryder, Snooki’s friend arrives. Vin finds it a bit awkward as he hooked up with her last year. Snook has already warned Vin not to do it again and Vin just isn’t sure what to do. Meanwhile JWOWW and Snook try to change the locks which obviously doesn’t succeed. These people couldn’t be more incompetent. Snooki trying to change lock on a door is pretty funny to watch as she literally has no idea what she’s doing.

Deena and Ryder are back at the house waiting for Snook and they decide to go on a bar crawl for some drinks. They then hang out on the shore for the rest of the afternoon. At this point Snook and JWOWW have finally figured out how to change the locks and get ready to go. They take JWOWW’s dogs and head off, back to the shore.

Pauly sees the dogs and aptly names them Snooki and Ryder. As it’s already night time, the crew gets ready to go out, Pauly announces T-shirt time, and they head to Karma. The usual occurrences take place. JWOWW is with Roger, Sitch is showing off his abs, Snook is partying, Sam is getting jealous because Ron’s talking to other girls etc.

Vin finds a nice girl named Gina and tries to work some game on her. For some reason her uncle is there and protecting her, Vin says it’s a huge cockblock but manages to take her home. JWOWW leaves as well, with Roger. Sitch and Pauly also bring girls home. It’s a full house tonight.

Meanwhile, Sam is arguing with Ron, saying he touched other girls. Seriously? Come on Sam, shut up already, how many times are you going to do this? She tells Ron that he never loved her and he hates her. The fight escalates and Ron tells her to go home. He throws her stuff all over the room and tells her to pack up. Apparently he’s kicking her out of her own room. He’s on a different level right now, or so he claims. Sam starts crying and Ron tells her ‘cry all you want, your tears mean shit to me.’

Everyone else is hanging out outside and just having a good time. Turns out though, Pauly’s girl is a grenade. Vin goes to grab the grenade horn. He needs to let seaside know that there are grenades present at the Jersey Shore house. He tells us he uses the grenade whistle to notify them. He blows the horn and Pauly tells us that luckily, he’s trained, in the art of dodging grenades. Eventually Sitch gets rid of her, thank god.

Then, all of the sudden, the uncle from the club comes to the shore house to get his niece. Vin is shocked, he can’t believe it. She leaves and Vin says he’ll call her. But, the fact that there is a swarm of guys surrounding and protecting her stops Vin from calling her again.

JWOWW and Ron then have a nice one on one chat outside and Ron breaks down and starts crying, which looks mighty fake. They discuss Sam and the relationship and Ron says he didn’t do anything wrong. JWOWW admits that she wrote that note so Sam would leave, she tells Ron that she wanted Sam to leave him so Ron could be himself, so he could be free.

The gang then gets a cake ready for Ryder’s birthday. Meanwhile, Sitch goes to ask Sam for condoms and Sam asks him where Ron is. He tells her Ron is with JWOWW. Sam flips out and starts yelling at Ron. Ron and Sam start fighting again but the rest of the group proceeds with Ryder’s birthday party. Ryder is passed out though and belligerently drunk. She has no idea what’s going on.

Sam and Ron escalate their fight and Sam punches Ron in the face and runs off. She calls her mom to pick her up. Vin tries to calm her down but it’s not working. She says she can’t live there anymore. Eventually everyone else (but Ron and JWOWW) join Vin and try to convince Sam to stay. Ron tells JWOWW if she stays he’s just going to make her life miserable.

JWOWW ends up sleeping with Roger and the rest of the crew hang out for the rest of the night. No one goes to sleep, they all wait up with Sam. When morning comes, Sam goes to apologize to Ron for everything. She says she just wants to let him know how she feels before she leaves. He doesn’t say a word and just gets up and walks away. Sam makes one last attempt and follows him. He breaks down crying and so does she. They get into bed together for one last cuddle. They start talking and guess what, they make up. So now Sam’s staying. Damn, so close.

The next day Ryder leaves and the family has their Sunday night dinner. After dinner, JWOWW goes out with Roger and Deena goes out with Dean(Ron 2). Snook and Vin go on a date also, to a store called The Love Shack. I’ll let your imagination run wild.

Snooki buys a stripper pole and her and Vin set it up in the house. Everyone comes home and loves it, especially Ron. The next morning, the boys go for a haircut. One of the barbers tells them that Dean (Ron 2) told them that Deena likes to….well we don’t quite find out what it is but you can put it together if you saw the episode. Sitch puts it best when he says “I don’t think I’d share a drink with Deena or a cigarette or anything that has to do with touching Deena’s lips in the near future.”

Sitch confronts Deena about it and she gets all worried. Sitch says he can’t control himself, he just had to tell her. Deena gets upset and denies it. She then asks Pauly about it and he tells her he heard the same story. She also denies it to him. She tells JWOWW and JWOWW dies of laughter. It’s pretty funny.

That night they head to Karma again and Deena tells off Dean. She doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. JWOWW heads over to Ron and Sam and it’s surprisingly civil. She heads over to the bar with Sam and they get along pretty well. They make up and re-kindle their freindship. And so the episode ends.

Could this be the end of all the drama? I sure hope so. Now that Sam is apparently on good terms with everyone, this may be the end of the whole Sam storyline, which would be great, because I’d love to see the show move its focus elsewhere for once. Knowing the show though, I’m sure it’s not done and I give it a week or two before Sam is causing drama again, which is a shame because her storyline takes up so much of the show and it’s not particularly interesting. I guess we’ll have to wait and see though.

On a brighter note, the ‘grenade whistle’ scene was pretty funny and I would love to see more stuff like that in the show, more ‘jokes’ stuff rather than all the relationship drama. Hopefully the show will pick up now that Sam has ended all her shenanigans.

Your thoughts?