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Jersey Shore Season 3-01 ‘Back To The Shore’ Recap

Yes! Finally! It's T-shirt time! Television's most entertaining show is finally back and I couldn't be happier. That's right, America's most ridiculous individuals have returned to television sets everywhere to provide some quality Thursday night entertainment.

Yes! Finally! It’s T-shirt time! Television’s most entertaining show is finally back and I couldn’t be happier. That’s right, America’s most ridiculous individuals have returned to television sets everywhere to provide some quality Thursday night entertainment.

It’s no secret that I love Jersey Shore and with the addition of a new character and the crew moving back to Jersey, I was very excited for the season premiere.

As things start off, we get a quick recap of season one and two, just for the 3 people out there who aren’t already familiar with what the show is about. Like I said before, the crew is back in Jersey this season and as the episode begins, we see the gang packing up and getting ready to leave their homes.

We start off with Snooki, she tells us Sea Side is more of her scene with the guys. Ok Snooki. She tells us she’s excited and we see her go to pick up her friend Deena, the new roomate. Snook says that Deena is another Snooki, she’s loud and obnoxious. Great, just what we need.

Next we see JWOWW getting ready to leave her house. She says bye to Tom and tells us that she can use a break from Tom, apparently they’ve been fighting a lot lately. After JWOWW we see Pauly. He’s at home, with his mom, telling her about how no one goes in the hot tub after Situation uses it.

Next up is Sitch, followed by Vin, both getting ready to leave. Apparently Vin is bringing a shower caddy this time, so no one fucks with his soap. Vin’s pumped though, he says the shore is his second home, it’s in his blood. Lastly we get to Ron and Sam. Sam tells us she hopes Ron won’t treat her like he did last season. Ok Sam, nice wishful thinking.

Ron and Sam arrive at the house first and get dibs on the rooms. They spot the infamous duck phone, and then go pick their room. For some reason, they take the room with three beds. JWOWW arrives next and there’s already tension between her and Sam as she tells us she has no intention of patching things up.

When Vin arrives, JWOWW tells him that Ron and Sam took the three person room, which Vin finds weird. He says he needs a room where he can take girls back to. After Vin, Pauly arrives and like Vin, he’s upset that Ron and Sam took the three person room but he decides to room with Vin.

As Snook arrives, she tells us she’s in guerrilla juicehead heaven. Snook introduces Deena to everyone and they all seem ok with her, except Sam. Snook and Deena decide to room with JWOWW and the three girls start shit talking Sam. Meanwhile, Sam is telling us it’s 3 vs. 1 in the house now.

Finally Sitch arrives. He’s excited ya know, feeling really good, he’s back in his home area. Too bad his bubble is burst when he finds out he has to room with Ron and Sam. He’s pretty upset and he tells us he’s completely baffled as to why Ron and Sam would pick the three person room. He’s pissed, he says it could have been MVP in there. Mike is feeling Deena though, he says if Deena was a holiday she would be Thanksgiving. She’s got a lot to give and she’s down for a lot of stuffing.

During their first meal, Deena starts chirping Sam, causing her to leave the table. After dinner, they all head to the jacuzzi, except Ron and Sam. Vin starts flirting with Deena and Snooki gets upset. She calls Vin out for hooking up with her best friend Ryder, which Snooki is pissed about, and the two start to argue. She then tries to hook up with him in the hot tub but Vin isn’t having any of it.

Deena then starts hitting on Mike and the two go off together, Mike says Deena is awkwardly cute and apparently, we got a situation. Drunk and clearly as stupid as Snooki, Deena strips for Mike and Mike asks the all important question, ‘do i really wanna do this right now, does the Situation wanna get situated right now?’

Apparently, the answer is that on day one, Sitch has to pull the eject button. The two then go upstairs and explain what just happened to everyone. Later that night, Deena goes upstairs and walks into Sitch’s room, where he’s pretending to sleep. She tries waking him and Sam is laughing at Deena, telling us she’s just like Snooki.

Deena isn’t too happy that Sam is laughing at her and tells her she has problems with her. She then walks out of the room and calls Sam a cunt, saying she hopes Sam rots in hell. Sitch then comes down and says it was an audacious move by a rookie, calling Sam a cunt. He then says he’s putting Deena up for the rookie of the year award.

Deena is shit talking Sam downstairs and Ron hears. He runs downstairs and flips on Deena. As always, Sitch is loving the fight between Ron, Sam and Deena, note how he’s imitating her in the background. Epic. Ron says he’d rather have Angelina back. The fight then turns into a Sam and Deena battle. Then Snook gets involved in and calls Sam ‘the biggest bitch she’s ever met in her life.’

As always, the boys just watch in amazement. The episode ends with Snook and Sam fighting. Eventually, JWOWW gets involved and as expected, it gets physical. Once again, a Jersey Shore episode ends with the girls fighting.

Overall, a pretty strong season premiere. Some great moments, especially with Situation and Deena. The fight at the end also got pretty heated, providing some good entertainment.

I’m not sure if I like Deena as a character yet. She’s a bit annoying, too much like Snooki and definitely not attractive. I think the house may end up turning on her, despite the fact that they like her now. We’ll see though. You can be certain that she’s going to hook up with someone in the house though, probably Situation.

Ron and Sam are still as annoying as ever and I give them two weeks until they fight and break up. I’m not even sure why they’re on the show anymore, their scenes are the least entertaining. It’s funny to see Ron get angry though, like he did at the end of the episode.

Anyways, that’s about it. Check back next week for our recap.

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