Jersey Shore Season 3-04 ‘Free Snooki’ Recap

It’s funny, we had two episodes of Jersey Shore this week and they were both pretty crummy. I honestly didn’t particularly enjoy either of them. Last night’s episode was a bit better since there was no Ron/Sam drama, but still, it wasn’t a strong episode at all. Like usual, we start off where we left off. Snooki is being arrested and taken to jail. Deena is crying (why?) and JWOWW goes to call Snook’s dad. After Snook’s dad, JWOWW calls Tom and tells him about the arrest. They get into a fight and JWOWW hangs up on him.

Vin gets back with Pauly and Stich and Deena and JWOWW fill them in. Eventually the police station calls and says they can pick Snooki up. They pick her up no problem and Snook says she’s ‘G’ now and not to fuck with her. Snook asks the crew why she got arrested, she doesn’t understand why. Notice JWOWW wearing the ‘Free Snooki’ shirt, WTF?

Snook calls her dad to talk about the arrest. Her dad lectures her for a bit but she clearly doesn’t give a shit. He tells her he’s disappointed. But he obviously doesn’t get through to her. That night, Snook hangs out with JWOWW and Snook says the man to blame for all this is Emilio. JWOWW says she thinks Snook has to find love, but she’s too desperate to find it. The girls have a nice heart to heart.

The next night they all get ready to go out. Deena gives a weak ‘cabs are here’ followed by a stronger one from Pauly. They head out but it’s just MVP and Deena. This should be interesting. Everyone is having a good time and Deena gets a bit too drunk, dabbling in a bit of lesbianism. Pauly says Denna is welcome to hang with MVP whenever she wants.

Deena then meets a guy named Dean, who she’s really into. The funny thing is, he looks like Ron. In fact, he’s almost identical to Ron, he’s like his twin. It’s actually kind of funny. The boys start calling him Ron and they think it’s hilarious. Sitch thinks Deena is fulfilling her deep down fantasies for Ron. The boys can’t get over it, they’re loving it. They keep calling him Ron. It’s very very funny. Pauly suggests they swap real Ron for fake Ron and see if Sam realizes.

Meanwhile, fake Ron and Deena get into the hot tub and start hooking up. Pauly and Vin are still joking around about it. The whole thing is just too funny. They say that Ron hooked up with Deena in the hot tub and they plan to write a note to Sam about it. Very jokes. Meanwhile, Deena is very happy with Dean and after the hot tub, they get into bed and cuddle for a while. Deena says while he didn’t get the golden ticket, she gave him a sneak peek.

We then jump to the next night and the crew gets ready to go out. They hit Karma and like usual, it’s quite a scene there. Nothing new here. Some drinking, some fist pumping, having a good time etc. Then JWOWW sees Roger, from last episode. She decides to talk to him and give him another shot. The boys return home at the end of the night and Sitch tells us that everything in the house is going well. Then, Tom calls JWOWW. Ron calls her out for spending time with Roger and then calling Tom and pretending like it’s all good. He says he’s gonna write Tom a note about Roger. Tom and JWOWW end up fighting on the phone and JWOWW says she’s going to leave him.

Next morning JWOWW calls Roger and plans to meet him on the boardwalk. JWOWW says she’s not going to mention Roger to Tom, not yet at least, until she sees where it goes. As we see them on the boardwalk, they seem to be having a good time though. I can see a hook up coming up between them. JWOWW says Tom pushed her into Roger’s arms. Uh-oh.

The next day, Snooki, heads to work with Pauly and JWOWW. JWOWW asks Pauly’s advice on Tom and Pauly says to do what makes her happy. Meanwhile, Snook is depressed so JWOWW calls Roger to tell him to find a friend for Snook. Roger brings Nick and Snook is smitten. They go on a double date and Snook finally seems happy.

That night, Snook and JWOWW go out with Roger and Nick for a date on the boardwalk. Everything seems to be going well, everyone is having a great time and JWOWW says this date shows her that she shouldn’t be with Tom. Snook is having a great time with Nick also. At the end of the night, Snook and Nick hook up, and Roger sleeps in the same bed as JWOWW but they don’t hook up. JWOWW says she’s really into Roger though and doesn’t care for Tom anymore. The next morning Tom calls and she ends it with him.

She’s pretty upset and calls her dad. Her dad tells her that Tom is moving out and no one is watching her dogs. She decides to go home and take care of her dogs. Snooki goes with her and they realize Tom has locked her out of the house. JWOWW is crying and is a complete mess. Luckily, her dogs are okay. But her bed isn’t, Tom took her bed. He also took her watch, which was JWOWW’s favorite piece of jewelry. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also took her hard drive and wiped everything off her computer. Lastly, he took money out of her Paypal account. She breaks down and starts crying. Snook goes to comfort her and the episode ends.

So as I said before, a bit of a dud. It’s pretty annoying how the show always makes things seem like they’re bigger than they are. For example, Snooki getting arrested. They made it into such a big deal and she ends up getting out of jail within the first five minutes of the episode. This Nick character should be interesting though. I wonder how long he’ll stick around. Is he going to be Snooki’s guy for the rest of the season or will he break her heart and leave? And what about Roger, how long will that last? Guess we’ll have to see. I’m tired of all the relationship drama though, I want to see more ‘jokes’ things happening, no more breaking up and finding love or any of that other bullshit. It’s only been four episodes so hopefully the season will pick up.