Jersey Shore Season 3-06 ‘Should We Just Break Up?’ Recap

As the episode opens, we’re at a club, Karma of course, and Sam and JWOWW are making up. Ron joins them and everyone seems to be having a good time, at least for now. Vin and Sitch are doing their thing, hitting on girls, Pauly’s dancing it up, everyone’s enjoying themselves. Eventually they head out. When they arrive home, Ron is wasted and ends up throwing up, disturbing Situation who is across the room, in bed with his girl.

The next morning the gang awakes to those yappy dogs. JWOWW goes to see her pets and finds Snook asleep on the floor, passed out. Ron wakes up and feels like shit, obviously. He’s feeling really sick though and he heads to the doctor with Sam. The doctors check him out and tell him to stay away from drinking for a while.

JWOWW, Snook and Deena head out and hit the road. They head to the pharmacy and obviously Snooki acts like a complete child. She tries to ride one of the toy bikes which is absolutely the single most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen, and yes I’ve seen every episode of Jersey Shore. She ends up falling over and breaking the bike. Hilarious.

As day turns to night, the gang gets ready to head out to Karma. Ron’s friends meet up with him there and he’s all excited. Snook ends up meeting a guy who she’s really into. She starts hooking up with him and says she’s taking him home. MVP are also out in full force, hitting up every girl they see. Eventually they head home. Snook brings back her guy and she’s very excited about it. They head to the smush room but then Snook has to call it quits because she had her period.

Deena also brings home a guy. She tells us she doesn’t have sex on the first night. After all ‘it’s not halloween’, she’s not ‘handing out candy for free’, apparently you need ‘a golden ticket’ to get into her drawers. The next morning though she tells us her golden ticket was taken. Who didn’t see that coming?

Next morning Snook hangs out with her guy for a bit and she tells us she’s having a lot of fun with him. They head to the boardwalk and chill there for a bit. Then Snook drops one of her more ridiculous comments. She tells us the ocean is salty because of whale sperm. Don’t believe her? Google it. They go for lunch and Jeff (Snooki’s guy) drops a bomb. He says he was engaged in the past. Snooki freaks out and she starts to get annoyed with him. By the end of the day she’s done with him. Onto the next one.

Jeff calls later that night and tries to get a hold of Snooki. In a very hilarious scene, Pauly just fucks with him over the phone. He calls back a few more times but eventually Pauly gets the best of him and Jeff gives up.

Later that day, the girls, all of them, head to the sex store. They try on some outfits and have some fun for a while. They buy some costumes and agree that it was nice hanging out, the four of them, together. It’s been a while since JWOWW has been able to hang out with Sam.

Meanwhile, at home, the boys are making dinner. The girls come back and Ron and Sam have a mini-argument, nothing too serious though. That being said, there is definitely a bit of unease. At dinner, everyone seems to be enjoying their meal but there is a lot of tension between Ron and Sam. It makes it awkward for everyone.

After dinner the girls head to work, two hours late. Snooki, like usual, is slacking off, not doing a whole lot of anything. Neither is JWOWW for that matter. Their boss Danny gets a bit upset but like usual, he doesn’t do anything about it.

Back at home, a fight breaks out between Ron and Sam. Here we go again. Vin puts it best when he says ‘hell has to be just like this.” Sitch is also confused, he tells us ‘we’re waiting for Sam, whose straightening her hair, whose hair is already straight….come on man, the only thing that needs to be straightened out is her brain!” Pauly isn’t happy either as Sam managed to fuck up T-shirt time.

That night, Deena rolls with MVP and Pauly’s loving it. But then his night turns around. He sees Danielle, the stalker. Surprisingly, he ends up making a truce with her, because as he says, he doesn’t hold grudges. In fact, he even ends up bringing her home. Back at the house Sam and Snooki talk about Ron while the rest of the gang arrives home. Pauly tries to impress Danielle by wearing the shirt she made him last year. Vin can’t believe Danielle is here, he even asks her what she’s doing here. Deena joins in also and says she doesn’t get why she is here. Vin says Danielle must have a Pauly D metal detector.

The gang continues to rip on Danielle and finally she leaves, angry and pissed off. Back in Ron and Sam’s room, we get yet another fight. I wish someone kept track, how many fights have they had? After a bit of fighting they break up, again. Once again, anyone have a counter? Anyone keeping score? More fighting occurs and Sam tells him she’s moving out of his room. And so the episode ends.

And so here we are again. Another crummy episode. Do the producers/writers not realize that they can’t keep using this same story line? How many times are Ron and Sam going to break up and make up? Seriously? It’s not even funny anymore it’s just ridiculous, it’s laughable. This episode was awful. Aside from Snooki falling off her bike, which was quite amusing, nothing entertaining really happened.

Ok fine, Pauly had some good moments but overall it was just another dull, Ron/Sam focused episode. If they were to get back together next episode, I seriously may stop watching. I know I’ve said it before but honestly, this is it. One more break-up/make-up and I’m out.

Your thoughts?