Jersey Shore Season 3-08 ‘The Great Depression’ Recap

With Sam finally gone, where is the show turning its focus towards? Will things start to pick up? Is Sam gone for good? How is Ron handling himself? We provide all the answers as we recap the latest episode of Jersey Shore.

As we start, Ron is still in shock over Sam leaving. He’s crying and doesn’t know what to do with himself. Sitch tries to cheer him up and offers some nice words of wisdom. He tells us, “some days I’m uncle Situation, some days I’m doctor Situation, some days I’m chef Situation, some days I’m bangin girls Situation, I’m just a deep dude.” Ron isn’t having any of it though. He says listening to Mike about relationships is like listening to a sailor talk about flying a plane. I couldn’t agree more.

Meanwhile, Sam arrives home and tells us that she’s destroyed. She talks with her Mom and tells her what Ron did. She says she feels like she’s been mentally abused. Her mom comforts her and Sam breaks down and starts crying. Back at the shore house Ron asks the girls if Sam is coming back. They all say no and agree that they would have done the same thing. Ron realizes that he fucked up. Snooki tells us that she’s on Sam’s side, not Ron’s.

Later on, Deena and Snooki have a brillaint idea and decide to throw cake in Vinny’s hair, for no apparent reason. They carry out their plan and Pauly D is shocked. He declares that they’ve started a prank war. To get them back, the boys grab some garbage and hide it in Snooki and Deena’s bed. Deena finds it though and puts it in Vin’s bed. Karmas a bitch, as she says.

Vinny finds it and tells us this means war. He grabs one of Snooki’s most prized possession, a toy that she sleeps with every night. He takes it and hangs it off the balcony. Snooki realizes that it’s gone and starts to freak out. She looks all over the house for it but Vin won’t tell her where it is. He says he wants her to suffer. Sitch spills the beans though and leads her to it. Vin gets upset and confronts Sitch. Situation says it was a pretty lame prank to begin with and Vin makes up a new name for Mike, Snitchuation.

The next morning Ron wakes up and says it felt weird sleeping without Sam. He heads to work but is still in a bad mood. Danny tells us that it looks like Ron is going to kill someone. Ron eventually heads to the washroom and starts crying. When he gets home, he orders roses to Sam’s house.

Meanwhile, Vin finds out that the toilet is clogged, apparently he lives with ‘farm animals’. He takes out the plunger but it’s not working. He tries every trick in the book but nothing works. He gives up and calls the plumber. While Vin is taking care of the toilet, the rest of the gang decides to move Sam’s stuff down to another room so Ron isn’t reminded of her.

While the boys head to out to get a haircut, the girls move Sam’s stuff. Sitch is at the hairdresser and tells us that it’s a process to be a Situation. Not everyone can do it. He then describes the classes of grenades. There’s a grenade, grenade launcher, submarine, tank and then the A-bomb.

As the boys arrive home, the girls play it cool, like nothing happened. Ron goes upstairs and sees Sam’s stuff is gone. Problem is, one bag is left. He’s confused. The girls forgot to take one of the bags. When Ron confronts them, they tell him that they have no idea what happened. Ron says he doesn’t trust anyone in the house.

Later that night, the gang gets ready to go out. They head to the club and while there, Pauly runs into one of his ex-girlfriends who he’s very excited to see. But, before he knows it, Sitch grabs her and steals her away. Pauly says Mike has no guy code whatsoever. Pauly’s ex isn’t having any of Mike though. She knows his tricks and they’re not going to work on her.

Ron says he feels weird at Karma without Sam. He’s not having fun at all and is kind of just chilling alone, depressed. Snook talks to him and gives him her thoughts on everything. Ron gets a bit upset though. Meanwhile, Vin is on the hunt and finds this girl named Kristen. Snooki leaves Ron and tries to find a guy but it’s packed with grenades. Eventually she finds someone though and according to her, he looks like a little Mario brother.

Eventually, everyone leaves and on the walk back Deena takes a spill and starts crying, saying she wants to go home. The gang tries to calm her down but she says that no one gets her and all their making fun of her is getting to be too much. They apologize but she’s not having any of it. Ron takes her aside and sets the record straight. He has a talk with her and she calms down.

Snook takes her guy to the smush room and Vinny recognizes him as the kid who cockblocked him with the uncle a few episodes ago. Vinny decides to get payback. The boys go upstairs and disrupt the scene, carrying Snooki away and out of the room. Only temporarily though, she returns to her guy rather quickly.

As the episode comes to a close, Deena and Ron hang out and have a talk. She tells him the truth about Sam’s belongings. He tells her that he can’t handle being there and he may have to leave. He says that he just wants to go home and that it’s not worth it without Sam. As he heads to bed, the episode ends.

This week’s episode wasn’t too entertaining but it had its moments. Situation had some funny lines and Vin cockblocking Snooki’s guy was jokes. The prank war was a bit pointless but still somewhat entertaining and for the first time in a while, there were no Ron/Sam fights. Ron’s depression was a bit annoying but expected and hopefully he’ll go back to being ‘single’ Ronnie soon enough.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about the episode was for the first time in a while, there weren’t any fight scenes between Ron and Sam, which were becoming excessive lately. It seems though as if the show has lost its focus. Everything seems kind of random and pointless. Even the characters look bored and tired. Is the show losing its edge? Has it got redundant? Is it just more of the same due to the lack of fresh ideas? Unfortunately, it looks like it.