Jersey Shore Season 3-11 ‘GTF – Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting’ Recap

More Ron/Sam fighting, Vin experiences a spray tan, Pauly D threatens suicide and more on this week’s Jersey Shore!

As we begin, Vin and Pauly head out and take off for Staten Island to visit Vin’s family. Pauly sings his Staten Island song which is quite amusing and he also learns that it’s an actual island. Back at the house, Ron and the girls head out and Sitch awakes to an empty house. No worries though, he goes to play with the dogs and finds himself quite content. When the dogs start using the house as their washroom Sitch seems to think is hilarious. He heads back upstairs and lets the dogs run wild.

At Vin’s house there’s a huge meal going on, all of Vin’s family seems to be there. Pauly is amazed at how much food there is. Leave it to Vin’s family to put on a feast. After the meal they say their goodbyes and leave. When the girls and Ron arrive home they see the mess that the dogs have made and freak out. Sitch of course is loving it. The girls realize Mike was behind it due to the scent of his cologne on the dogs. When confronted, he denies it.

That night Pauly announces that ‘cabs happen to be here’ and the gang heads out to Karma. Ron and Sam start to hookup for a bit and Snooki tells us ‘here we go again.’ Speaking of Snooki, she finds an Italian guy who she is quite pleased with. When the gang gets home, Snooki heads to bed with her guy but Sam goes to bed alone, telling us she still can’t trust Ron.

The next day Vin and Ron go with the girls to tan. Vin loves the final result, he’s very pleased with his new tan. On the way back home JWOWW sees Roger driving and he has a girl with him in the car. She tries to pull up to his car but he speeds off. JWOWW is pretty angry and gives him a call when she gets home. She tells him they’re done for now.

The boys prepare dinner and they discuss the Roger situation. They start to second guess themselves. Maybe there wasn’t a girl, maybe they saw wrong. Maybe they mis-read the situation.

After dinner the girls plan some mischief. They bring out the water balloons and a war breaks out. Of course the boys come out triumphant but it’s still pretty amusing to watch. It ends with the girls being thrown in the hot tub and Pauly shouting out ‘O’Doyle rules.’ After the water balloon war Roger calls JWOWW. She apologizes and he gets upset but ultimately forgives her.

The next morning the girls talk about Sam and Ron and Snooki tells us that she’s worried Sam is breaking. JWOWW tells us it’s not a good idea, they’re just going to end up in the same destructive relationship. They try to talk some sense into her but she seems to be falling for Ron again.

During the day, the gang heads to the boardwalk and hangs out there for a while, engaging in various activities before heading home that evening. At home Snooki gets a facial from Sitch, which Pauly finds a bit girly. But, as he says, that’s Mike’s thing. Later that night they head to Karma. Sitch runs into his old friend Arvin who asks him about Sam. Sitch digs a little deeper and uncovers some startling information. Apparently Sam has been secretly texting this guy and had made plans to meet him there. Sitch tells us he’s seen ‘pure evidence of treachery.’

He goes to JWOWW and asks for her advice on the situation. They then go to the other roomates and tell them what’s going on. Finally they discuss with Sam. She denies it and says that they’re just friends. Ron doesn’t believe her though and goes with Sam to talk to Arvin. Ron thinks that something is going on with Sam and Arvin and storms off. This leads to another Ron/Sam fight. Sam then gets mad at Sitch for instigating. He says that she’s just angry because she got caught. Even JWOWW says the whole incident looks bad on Sam. When the gang arrives home Sitch tells the boys exactly what happened, trying to prove his innocence.

The girl then arrive home and Pauly gets ready to watch the madness that is about to ensue. His anticipation is met as Sam starts fighting with Sitch. Ron then gets involved and Pauly gets his nightly entertainment. As the fighting escalates, the episode comes to an end. Vin assures Mike that while he did start stuff, he wasn’t wrong. As the gang listens to Sam/Ron fighting Pauly tells himself if they get back together there will be no more DJ Pauly D, because he’ll kill himself. I think the rest of the gang agrees.

Aside from the redundant Ron/Sam drama, this episode was pretty good. It was full of highlights and kept on hitting the right chords. The water balloon fight, Sitch’s playdate with the dogs, Vin getting his tan on etc. Everything was pretty funny. Too bad they had to ruin it with more Ron/Sam drama. The whole thing made no sense either, that Arvin guy just came out of nowhere and it felt very staged, which it probably was. Not sure why they felt the need to bring back the Ron/Sam fights, the show is doing well without them. Hopefully we won’t fall back into that dark hole again, the show was just starting to pick up.

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