Jersey Shore Season 3-12 ‘A House Divided’ Recap

Sam continues her sneakiness, Situation gets fired, Pauly D faces his worst fear, Vin gets peer pressured and more on this week’s episode.

The Ron/Sam fight from last episode opens up this week’s show. There’s some more crying, more yelling and more shouting. Sam apologizes and things quiet down. Elsewhere, Snooki and Deena are up to their drunken antics and Situation tells us again that Deena ‘defies the laws of intelligence.’ Judging by her drunken antics, he’s right. She seems to have gotten stuck in a cardboard box. Ya, it’s that bad. Sitch goes on to tell us that he never thought anyone would make Snooki look like a rocket scientist, but Deena takes the cake.

Back in Ron/Sam world, Ron tells her that the whole thing with Arvin was shady. He tells us he doesn’t think he loves her anymore. He doesn’t want to be with a girl like that. Sam invites Ron to bed but he refuses and she’s shocked. Shocked that she’s going to sleep completely alone.

The next day Snooki, Sam and Deena head to work. It’s Deena’s last day and she tries to avoid work as much as possible. She gives Danny a hard time and he thanks her for being the worst employee of the season. Later that evening, Snooki and Vin go out for a dinner date. Snooki tells us that she wants to be more than just friends with benefits. When Vin starts talking about the girl he was with last night, Snooki gets upset. Vin tells us there is a chance though that he can get serious with her and he has genuine feelings for her.

Speaking of Vin, he decides to make a big decision. Well it’s not only his decision, he kind of gets peer pressured but either way, he decides to get his ears pierced. He’s scared but in the end he ‘takes it like a G’. Pauly tells him he looks fresh to death and Vin is ultimately pleased.

Later that night as the gang gets ready to go out, Pauly and Vin make fun of Deena for wearing denim, which is quite funny. While at the club, Vin is looking for a ‘flower’ through the ‘weeds’ and that’s when he spots Danielle, the Pauly D stalker. Pauly isn’t too pleased and tries to get away from her. He says she’s the only thing that scares him in seaside. He’s afraid to go out alone now.

Back at the house Ron and Sam are hanging out and eating dinner. Ron tells us that he got a taste of how Sam felt in Miami. Sam tells him that she misses him but he says that they have trust issues. Sam thinks it’s going well though, and by the looks of it, they seem to be getting along well. Ron even lets Sam sleep in his bed.

Meanwhile, at the club, Vin and Pauly are getting harassed by some grenades and Vin isn’t happy with the scene. Especially not when a 60 year old overweight woman tries to hook up with him. Pauly runs away and screams for help. He tells us she’s not even a grenade, she’s an atomic bomb.

They eventually get fed up and just grab two girls and leave. They bring them home and despite what Vin and Pauly were saying about the club, the two girls they came home with aren’t that bad. Even Sitch agrees. But he points out that Aztec (the club) was full of grenades, so even if you find one who isn’t bad, it’s like dealing with the best looking ugly chick.

All of the sudden there is a knock at the door. It’s the brother of one of the girls. Vin gets weirded out. He comes into chill and the crew doesn’t know what to make of it. Admittedly it does get a bit awkward. Vin eventually kicks the girls out. Left without anyone to sleep with, Vin goes and grabs Snooki to take her upstairs. She tells him to fuck off though, saying she’s not anyone’s last resort. Sitch agrees with her, saying it was a jerk move on Vin’s part. Vin apologizes but Snooki won’t forgive him.

The next day JWOWW, Pauly and Sitch are at work. Sitch is mighty hungover though. Danny obviously gets upset but Mike says he doesn’t care because it’s the last day. He goes to sleep in a corner and some movers start stacking boxes around him. Danny finds him behind the boxes and flips out. He then takes it one step further and fires him.

Later that evening, Ronnie’s mom Connie, calls the house drunk and speaks to Deena, resulting in one of the weirdest conversations I’ve ever heard. Deena then puts JWOWW on the phone. The weirdness continues. JWOWW then hands her off to Sitch. She then starts talking about the Ron/Sam relationship. Sitch actually indulges her though and speaks to her about Ron/Sam. He finally gets her to hang up but then she calls back and this time Ron is home. Sitch hands him the phone.

Ron gets mad at his mom and tells her she’s embarrassing herself. Meanwhile, JWOWW tells Sam that Sitch told Ron’s mom about all the drama that has been going on lately. After Ron gets off the phone, Sitch tells Ron that Sam still wants Arvin. Who knows if he is just trying to cause trouble but the rest of the crew weighs in and tells Ron that they think the same. They tell him Sam is being shady. The guys are brainwashing him and Ron starts to get upset.

Sam hears of Mike’s antics and flips out at him. She questions why he keeps getting involved in her business. She calls him a schemer and a scumbag. The whole gang is watching and Ron says that he feels something is fishy and Sam is hiding something. Sitch and Sam continue to go at it. Eventually Sitch walks away and the boys continue to brainwash Ron, telling him Sam is sneaky. The girls reassure Sam that she didn’t do anything wrong though. She says it doesn’t even matter, she’s done with Ron. Again.

As the episode ends, Mike gives Arvin a call. He tells Mike that he hung out with Sam a lot this past summer and they indeed did hook up. Ron hears it and storms off to confront her as the episode finishes.

So the season is coming to a close, two episodes left. It looks as if they’re going back to the Ron/Sam drama to heat things up. It’s actually not as annoying anymore but it’s still old. The Vin/Snooki drama also seems to be heating up, which is far more interesting than Ron and Sam’s shenanigans.

Overall though this week’s episode wasn’t great. The whole subplot with Ron’s mom was stupid and even the whole Arvin plot feels contrived. Even worse was Situation being fired from Danny’s shop, like Sitch really cares right? Pauly D’s stalker seemed pointless as that really didn’t go anywhere but it was still enjoyable as pretty much anything involving Pauly is highlight material.

As we move into the final two episodes of the season, I’m hoping something big happens. While I think it will likely involve Ron/Sam, I don’t know what else they can do with those two. Maybe it will be something with Vin/Snooki. Will they end off the season as a couple? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.