Jersey Shore Season 3-13 ‘At The End Of The Day’ Recap

Another season of Jersey Shore comes to a close. Relationships are broken and created, more fights ensue, Deena turns into Angelina and Snooki has whiskey sex.

The season finale opens with some nice shots of the shore and as we enter the house, Ron is on the phone with Arvin. Arvin tells him he hooked up with Sam and Ron storms off to go to confront her. Sam takes the phone and asks Arvin why he is causing problems. She tells him he’s lying about hooking up but he sticks to his story. No one believes Sam, especially Ron. Sam hangs up the phone and storms off as Pauly tells us it’s going to be an interesting dinner.

Speaking of dinner, the crew prepares quite a feast and sits down to eat. Ron gets up and leaves the table shortly after the meal begins. He goes to sit outside by himself. Sam joins him but he tells us he’s embarrassed and just wants to bury his head. He asks Sam to tell him the truth and she said her and Arvin hooked up but it was years ago. Ron is still upset though and walks away from her.

The next day Ron, Snooki and Vin head to their last day of work. Ron has no intentions of working though and takes a nap on the counter. Vin and Snook do a good job though and Danny thanks them for their hard work before they call it a day. In the evening, the crew gets ready to go to a BBQ party, that Pauly D will be DJ’ing. They invite family and friends to join them and eventually the party starts hopping and everyone seems to be having a good time. There’s even a pinata!

Vin meets one of Deena’s friends and takes a liking to her but Deena puts up a huge cockblock. Deena sees it as protecting Snooki but Vin is not too happy with her. Eventually Vin finds some alone time with Deena’s friend Lisa but once again Deena interrupts and cockblocks. Eventually Vin gives up and throws in the towel.

Eventually the crew heads home and Deena is upset that Vin is still mad at her. Vin says that she let him down and then tells the crew that he thought Deena wasn’t Angelina but it looks like he was wrong. Pauly explains to us that being called Angelina is the worst thing you can be called. Deena gets mad and goes to bed. She comes back shortly after though and starts fighting with Vin. She eventually storms off, telling him to go fuck himself.

The next morning Sitch makes an apology to Sam, which was very unexpected. It’s quite sincere as well and Sam accepts it. Deena is still upset at Vin calling her Angelina but the girls tell her that he’ll get over it. Later in the day they all head out to dinner and things are a bit awkward and a bit quiet. Afterwards they head back home and start getting ready to go out.

Snooki says that tonight is the last night so they have to get it all out. She suggests having sex with an old man and stealing a plant. Pauly gives one final ‘cabs are here’ and they head to Karma. MVP is sporting plad and they’re excited to hit the dancefloor. At the club, JWOWW and Roger talk about their future and Roger suggests they make it official, which catches JWOWW off guard. She agrees though and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. JWOWW is extremely happy and tells us she is head over heels for the guy.

Deena spots Chris at the club, one of her old friends and Snooki sees Nick, one of her guys from a previous episode. Snooki leaves Deena and takes Nick home. When they get home she makes Nick some grilled cheese and then takes him to the smush room. Snooki tells us it’s whiskey sex, which is when the guy can go for five hours because he’s so drunk. She doesn’t seem to mind though.

Back at the club Sam is hanging out with her group of guy friends and Ron isn’t too happy. Eventually the gang heads home and Ron and Sam start arguing again. Back at home Ron goes to bed, without Sam. She follows him upstairs and another fight begins. Downstairs the rest of the gang is listening. Sitch even takes his shoes off to get ready for it. It’s heating up and everyone is listening in.

Eventually Ron comes downstairs, crying. Sitch takes him outside and Ron says he’s done and ready to go home. Meanwhile, Deena and Chris try to make Vin some food, grilled cheese. Vin is hammered though and throws up in his mouth.

The next morning the gang packs up and gets ready to go home. Ron and Sam have one last talk and decide to remain single. Elsewhere in the house, Sitch makes one last breakfast and the gang shares a final meal. Everyone finds it difficult to pack up as summer is ending and they have to return home. Eventually they say their goodbyes and leave the house. Ron and Sam clarify that they are NOT together, Sitch tells us it’s been his best summer, Snooki tells us she still loves Vin but they’re just friends with benefits, JWOWW says she’s had the best summer of her life and then we see the gang all heading off in their BMWs and Mercedes. I guess that $50,000 per episode pay cheque has some benefits.

Before we end off, Snooki tells us her plans for running for president. She says the economy will rise, everyone will be tan and all the radios will play house music. Well, I know where my vote is going.

So another season comes to a close and while it wasn’t as good as season 1, I think it was much better than season 2. The reason is because 90% of season 2 was about Sam and Ron’s relationship, which got really boring. This season there was a bit of it but definitely not as much. There were a number of other things going on and the show was able to hold our attention. Ron/Sam wasn’t the sole focus.

This season had a number of highlights and I think taking it back to the shore was a good call. That being said, I’m eager to see a new location for next season. Apparently season four will take place in Italy, which I’m really excited to see. After two seasons of the shore I think they should leave it alone for now. Start going to new locations. It’d be great if they can find a new location for each season.

The one big mistake this season was adding Deena. I hated her character and she really added nothing. I’m guessing she’ll come back but it would also be nice to see them add someone useful. Someone who brings something to the show, instead of just adding a Snooki clone.

Also, the one thing season 3 lacked was standout moments, sure it had highlights but no real standout moments. Season 2, while overall wasn’t as good as season 3, had a number of real standout moments. It had the founding of the I.F.F, the parking situation, the checkers situation, the master plan, Pauly D losing it and more. I don’t think anything in season 3 really came close to any of the aforementioned moments.

Anyways, the show is still very entertaining and despite the direction they head in for next year, I’ll definitely be watching. Hopefully the Ron/Sam drama is done forever now (which is probably wishful thinking), but the new setting in Italy should give the show the freshness it needs. Because let’s be honest, at more than a couple points this season it started to feel stale.

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